Everlance fast facts

Starting price: $0.00/month

Key features:

  • Beautiful user interface.
  • Highly specialized tools.
  • Lacks broader accounting functions.

If you’re craving a specialized platform to track mileage and expenses, Everlance is a top contender. The budget-friendly title hones in on logging trips automatically. And come tax time, it can ensure you’re IRS-compliant.

But Everlance isn’t a jack of all trades. You’ll still need accounting software to tackle your business’s other financial needs. Plus, the mileage tracker’s free version is severely limited, among other downsides.

Let’s scope out if Everlance is suitable for your needs.

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Everlance’s pricing

Everlance offers separate plans for individuals and businesses. This article focuses on business plans, which have more features built for reimbursing workforces of various sizes.

Everlance boasts a free plan for budget-conscious individuals or those with simple operations. But for more complex needs, there are two higher tiers: CPM and FAVR.

The CPM plan is a mid-range offering that offers variable mileage rates. Because you can customize details, it isn’t necessarily IRS-compliant.

The FAVR plan, on the other hand, conforms to IRS requirements for tax-deductible mileage reimbursement. You’ll want to opt for this level of subscription if you have a more complex operation and tax season concerns you.

Compare Everlance’s business plans and pricing

PlanStarting priceAutomatic trip detections included per monthAuto classification between personal and businessReminders to submit reportsThird-party software integrations supported
Occasional DriverFree30NoNoNo
CPM Program$12/user/mo.UnlimitedYesNoNo
FAVR Program$33/user/mo.UnlimitedYesYesYes

The platform is unusually expensive. Compare Everlance’s costs to QuickBooks’ costs, which range from $30 to $200 monthly flat. Or MileIQ, which charges $10 per user monthly or even less on lower-tier options.

Everlance charges these premium prices because it’s highly user-friendly and it does its job very well. So well, in fact, that big companies like USAA, Lyft and Sotheby’s rely on the tool for their mileage tracking. Other options, like QuickBooks, won’t have the same approachability or specialized features built for mileage tracking.

Everlance’s key features

Indeed, Everlance lacks the bells and whistles of broader accounting platforms like QuickBooks. But it still delivers a mean mileage tracking game and some other nifty perks. Let’s check out some marquee features of this platform.

Mileage tracking

A primary feature of Everlance is its automatic GPS tracking for mileage. This function is essential for maximizing tax deductions, even when you forget. The app logs miles as you drive, with the free version allowing for 30 automatically tracked trips per month. Users can manually add trips and backdate them if they exceed the monthly limit or forget to record a journey.

Digitized receipts

Everlance lets users digitally capture and store receipts, detecting critical details like the vendor, location, date, category and notes for each transaction. Plus, the app allows for uploading or taking additional photos to attach to each expense. This feature simplifies expense tracking and management, and it’s especially useful if you love exceptionally detailed financial records.

Expense categorization

The app offers customizable categories, such as personal or business. Users can sort receipts into different buckets for easier organization and later analysis. This highly personalized detail makes tax time a breeze. And if you’re using Everlance for gig work, it can automatically classify miles based on which app you work for.

Links to bank cards

In its paid version, Everlance allows users to link their debit or credit cards to the app. This perk enables automatic logging of business transactions, further simplifying the expense-tracking process. This nifty automated logging saves bundles of time over manually capturing each transaction.

Automatically classifies trips

Everlance can automatically classify trips based on set rules. For example, regular commutes can be logged as such. Meanwhile, trips for specific purposes, like Uber driving, are categorized appropriately. This feature, available in the paid version, helps users differentiate between personal and business travel, streamlining the tracking and reporting process.

Everlance pros

The software title is an intelligent choice for simpler operations. Here are some perks that lots of business owners love.

Free version available

Everlance offers a free version that automatically tracks up to 30 trips, allowing users to log their expenses manually. This feature is particularly useful for individuals or small businesses that need a basic tracker without incurring additional costs.

Ease of use

The Everlance app boasts a user-friendly interface. No technical background is necessary to get started. Its intuitive design means users can easily navigate the app and manage their tracking without much hassle. For comparison, lots of competitors, like QuickBooks, lack this cutting-edge user-friendliness.

Trusted by established companies

Everlance is used by well-known companies like USAA, Echo and distributors of Anheuser-Busch, among other famous names. This widespread usage suggests a level of reliability and trust in its service. So, if you value strong social proof and trusted brands, the software title is a good match.

Everlance cons

Underneath the interface’s beauty, there are many things left unsolved. Here are some notable downsides to the Everlance mileage tracker software.

Limited free app

The free version of Everlance is limited to 30 trips, after which users must manually enter data. While this limitation might not affect casual users, it could be a significant drawback for those who frequently travel for business.

Battery drain

Since the platform runs constantly in the background for tracking, Everlance can significantly drain your device’s battery life. This issue isn’t unique to the software. But it certainly is a significant consideration if you’re out on the town all day. As a result, you’ll need to keep a charging cable handy at all times.

Lack of complex financial features

Everlance does not offer invoicing, accounts payable, billing solutions or other advanced accounting functions. As a result, it may feel underwhelming if you’re looking for solutions beyond mere mileage tracking.

If Everlance isn’t ideal for you, check out these alternatives

Zoho Expense

Zoho’s competing option blends reliable time and mileage tracking with business expense management and bookkeeping capabilities. It offers multiple methods for tracking mileage, including GPS and point-to-point mapping, though it may not be as accurate in location tracking as some competitors. Zoho Expense is beneficial for small businesses looking for a combined solution for expense and time management.


MileIQ specializes in mileage tracking using automatic drive detection pulled via cell phone data, Wi-Fi, passive GPS map lookup and location service data. It’s particularly suitable for sales teams, real estate agents, rideshare and delivery drivers and property managers. Keep in mind that MileIQ only tracks drives longer than half a mile. So, if you’re constantly stopping and going, this option isn’t ideal.

QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online is better known for its cloud accounting software. But it offers a mighty bookkeeping system that includes mileage tracking. It automatically tracks driving distance based on GPS and categorizes trips as personal or business. You can then seamlessly use this data in the software’s accounting functions. Keep in mind that you can’t subscribe only to the mileage tracking. So, if you don’t need other features, this title may feel bloated.

Review methodology

We carefully analyzed Everlance’s user-friendliness, ability to automatically detect trip and expense details and overall user experience. We also compared it to competitors, big and small. Finally, we researched the software’s ability to handle many different business types, among other factors.

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