IT professionals have to be life-long learners with quarterly goals for improving their skills to keep up with the industry, particularly when it comes to Linux. System administrators should be constantly looking for new ways to improve their skills for managing Linux servers and distributions. 

This roundup of TechRepublic Premium resources, by Linux expert Jack Wallen, can help you fill the holes in your skills gap. There is advice for mastering the command line as well as selecting the best GUI tool. Maybe your challenge is managing users or permissions? Wallen has got you covered with that task, too.

Sysadmins can use any one of these resources to get smarter about Linux and bring value to the IT team.

How to manage file and folder permissions in Linux

Permissions can get confusing in the Linux world. This TechRepublic Premium download covers both the Octal and Symbolic methods. You’ll find everything you need to know about managing read/write access for files and directories. It also includes a primer on changing permissions as needed. 

Linux user and group management tips

Most every command you will find in this resource is universal–running on nearly any Linux distribution. So whether you’re a Ubuntu, RHEL, SUSE, or CentOS server admin, you should find these commands very helpful.

The best Linux web-based admin GUIs for business

Linux expert Jack Wallen has rounded up the top six GUIs for managing Linux servers. This list covers general purpose options as well as tools designed for a specific purpose. Wallen explains the advantages of each entry on this list and why each one is a good choice for managing Linux servers.

10 commands Linux admins need to know

Even though the Linux desktop environment is user-friendly, when you’re dealing with a server, the Command Line Interface (CLI) is often your only option. That means you’re going to need to know how to work with (and troubleshoot) various aspects of networking on the Linux platform from the command line. This list of 10 must-know commands will bring you up to speed. 

Tools and tips for creating data backups on Linux servers

Now that Linux is a central part of IT infrastructure throughout most large enterprises, sysadmins need the skills to take care of every aspect of those servers. That includes creating data backups. If you are new to Linux or need a refresher course, you must know the best tools for accomplishing this task. This resource covers everything you need to know.

Troubleshooting Linux: An admin's guide

Everything you need to troubleshoot problems with Linux is either pre-installed or just a command away from installation. This TechRepublic Premium resource explains some of the tools available to help you get your Linux servers out of any sticky situation.