You’ll get more mileage out your advertising dollar if you eliminate duplicate mailings to the same address. One way to do this is to use query properties to remove duplicates from your mailing lists.

For example, say you just performed a query on your Orders database to obtain the names and addresses of all customers whose order balance is typically below $100. You would like to send them a special coupon for new orders totaling more than $100. A quick glance at the data indicates that there are a number of duplicates in the list. (There is more than one order per customer.)

Rather than spend time removing the duplicates one by one, rerun the query with the Unique Values property set to Yes. Follow these steps:

  1. Open the query in Design mode.
  2. Right-click the query design grid and select Properties (Figure A).

Figure A

  1. Click in the Unique Values property box and select Yes (Figure B).

Figure B

  1. Clear the Show check box under the Balance field used as the criterion for the query.
  2. Click Run.

The query should now list only one record for each customer. Be sure to clear the Show check box under any criteria fields; otherwise, it will override the Unique Values property setting.

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