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Whether you’re interested in starting a new career, leveraging new skills into a side hustle or developing critical skills to help you create your own business, learning data analytics is a smart move for your future, and you can do it for free in this special course from Shaw Academy via TechRepublic Academy.

The Data Analytics Fundamentals 4-Week Course includes eight hours of training in data analysis from a leader in online learning. Starting with the absolute basics, you’ll learn why data analysis is so important and how you can harness data to inform business decisions. As you advance, you’ll enjoy lessons that balance theory and practice so you can get hands-on training working with data.

You’ll learn how to import and clean data using various methods and tools, how to represent different data types and much more graphically. In addition, there is information on using mean, median and standard deviation to understand data distributions, instruction on hypothesizing and helpful tips on testing for differences in your data to come to better-informed decisions.

Finally, throughout each lecture, you’ll get logical checks to help guide your thinking about data and organize your rational brain to get more from the data you’re working with. It’s the kind of comprehensive introduction to data analysis you’d probably expect to pay a few hundred dollars for, but you can do it for free.

Typically, the Data Analytics Fundamentals 4-Week Course from Shaw Academy costs $49. But for a limited time, you can enroll absolutely free.

Prices and availability are subject to change.