We were bummed when our beloved Jay Garmon (aka The Trivia Geek) had to bid his TechRepublic writing gig farewell in 2009 (for a great reason — he found a new full-time job). While it’s hard to compete with that much encyclopedic knowledge of all things geeky, contributors Nicole Bremer Nash, Edmond Woychowsky, and Wally Bahny have done a stellar job since The Trivia Geek’s departure. A special thanks also goes to Jerry Taylor, who pitched in when he could find the time in his busy schedule, and Mark Kaelin, who put out a fantastic 2009 Geek Gift Guide.

Without further ado, here are the top five Geekend posts of 2009. (We’re still scratching our heads and checking our data twice because no zombie- or apocalypse-related post made the list.)

The top 12 sci-fi plot devices geeks love to hate

You know what a lot of geeks hate about science fiction? The same things a lot of geeks love about science fiction — scientific inaccuracies!

What’s the worst movie you’ve seen this year?

Movietome used Metacritic data to compile the list of the 10 worst movies of 2009 so far. Check out the list and then let us know the worst film you’ve seen this year.

Top 10 April Fool’s pranks we wish were real

While most geeks love Google with an unhealthy passion, even the most ardent “Don’t be evil” fanboy still harbors a tiny bit of resentment that the so-awesome-we-wish-it-was-so promise of working for Google on the moon was a total April Fool’s fake out. Don’t be so hard on the search engine overlords, as they were just continuing a long tradition of promoting fake products and events on April 1st that we all wish were real…like these 10 pranks.

Do video games really make you fat, depressed?

The headline du jour is that the average gamer is 35, depressed, and fat. Larry Dignan explains why the reality may be a bit more nuanced.

Geek Trivia: The wrath of comp

What famous 20th century personal computer was shown as part of James T. Kirk’s antiques collection during Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan?