Image: Samsung

Owners of the Samsung Galaxy Watch4 can add another app to their arsenal, as Google Assistant has become available for download to the device. Google-based applications ranging from entertainment to GPS directions are available to users, with apps such as YouTube Music, Google Maps and Google Pay on the Wear OS platform.

These apps are especially useful for wearers looking to increase their ability to listen to playlists and podcasts, shop or travel without having to use a secondary device other than what is already on their wrist to do so. The Google Assistant on the Samsung Galaxy Watch4 also aims to provide wearers increased ease of use with faster and more natural voice interactions, quick answers to questions and on-the-go assistance.

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Samsung’s answer to Siri

Once Google Assistant has been downloaded and activated, it can be run in the app tray of the watch. Users can also invoke Google Assistant by voice or by assigning the home button to run it with a press and hold. The app can also run independently on the Galaxy Watch4 and can be used on the watch even if Google Assistant is not installed on your mobile device. Combining the use of Samsung’s voice assistant app Bixby with the platform gives users access to exceptional voice assistant functionality from the watch.

Creation of the Wear OS allows Android developers to move code from their smartphone apps to assist in creating Wear OS apps. Galaxy users can download the Wear OS-compatible app from the Google Play Store, and automatically designate to install the same app on their Galaxy Watch as well.

Fitness is a big key for Samsung as well, as the company strives to improve health and wellness of its users through the Health Connect app. Using Health Connect, wearers can monitor everything from exercise to nutrition and sleep all on their Galaxy Watch4.

As far as watch specs are concerned, the watch itself boasts 16 GB of memory, a 5nm processor and offers “20% faster CPU and 50% more RAM, and a GPU 10 times faster” compared with the previous generation smartwatch, per Samsung. Display resolution up to 450 by 450 pixels and 40 hours of usage per charge round out the standout specs.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch can be found on Amazon, Samsung, Best Buy and other retailers and is available for integration with Google Assistant now. Pricing for the Galaxy Watch4 Bluetooth starts at $449.