Help! Need VPN recommendations for Android

What VPN would you recommend for an Android user who uses public WiFi quite often and wants to buff up their security?

VPN Security

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You use public WiFi on your Android device quite often, however, in this day and age, you want to be more secure, so you are looking for a VPN to install. This is where TechRepublic member indigofurr has found themselves and has turned to the TechRepublic community for assistance in helping them figure out which VPN to use.

TechRepublic member indigofurr writes, "I'm looking for a VPN service for my Android since I'm on public WiFi a lot and want to buff up my protection.

Right now I'm considering Surfshark because it uses IKEv2 protocol and it's stated that it drains less of your phone battery. I searched but couldn't really find other VPNs that offer IKEv2 for Androids, maybe you have some recommendations so I can do a comparison?"

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