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Developed and maintained by Microsoft, TypeScript is an open-source JavaScript syntactical superset language. Ranked 12th on RedMonk’s Programming Language Rankings in 2019, the language is steadily gaining popularity since its 2012 release. Poised to potentially replace JavaScript, TypeScript may become the default language for React, a user interface framework maintained by Facebook and it is already the default language for Google’s Angular. (Note: This article about learning TypeScript is also available as a free PDF download.)

As a superset language, TypeScript allows developers to write code in JavaScript and adds new features to create larger, more complex programs, such as Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code. Additionally, the language has: Type annotations, type interface, type erasure, enumerated types, interfaces, generics, namespaces, and more.

If you’re interested in learning more about TypeScript, the following list of resources can help you get started.

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TypeScript Handbook: This is a great starting point for anyone who wants to learn the language. This handbook from the official TypeScript site covers a range of topics, which include: Basic Types, Enums, Modules, Type Checking JavaScript files, and much more.

TypeScript 3.0 Quick Start Guide: The easiest way to learn TypeScript: The audience for this book is JavaScript developers interested in learning TypeScript. The book covers: How to get started with TypeScript, configuring the language with essential configurations, using Types and Interfaces to create objects, transforming JavaScript code to be compatible with TypeScript, and more.

Angular Development with Typescript: For web developers already familiar with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, this book introduces the reader to the Angular framework. Topics discussed are: State management, data, and Forms, as well as how to write type-aware Classes, Interfaces, and Generics with TypeScript.

Angular in Action: This book features tips, tricks, and hands-on tutorials for building production-ready Angular applications. It is also includes information about using TypeScript to write well-architected code, testing and debugging, how to manage large applications, and more. This advanced text is intended for web developers familiar with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.


TypeScript for Beginners: This four-and-a-half hour beginner course from Udemy introduces programmers to the TypeScript syntax. Users will learn about key object-oriented principles and how to create Functions, use Interfaces, reuse Objects through Inheritance, and much more. Knowledge of JavaScript is required for this course.

Complete TypeScript for Beginners: This beginner course from Udemy teaches you how the TypeScript Compiler works and how to use Types, ES6 Features, Classes, Namespaces, Modules, and more. Knowledge of JavaScript is required, but not at an expert level; in addition, object-oriented programming experience is a plus, though not required.

Understanding TypeScript: This intermediate-level, best-selling course from Udemy teaches the fundamentals of TypeScript and how it works. Also included: How to use Features and Types, ES6 Features, Classes, Modules, Interfaces, and much more.

TypeScript Masterclass: An intermediate-level class from Udemy that teaches users to code in the GitHub repository, build Node.js processes, use TypeScript in a full-stack development context, and more. Users will build a small Angular Typescript Client using the Angular CLI in the course as well. Purchase of this course also includes the eBook Typescript Jumpstart: Fast-track to Typescript Proficiency, For Experienced Developers.

TypeScript for Node.js Developers: For developers looking to use TypeScript in Node.js, this hour-long, intermediate-level course from LinkedIn Learning covers TypeScript file conventions, how to use Types, Classes, and an Interface in Node.js, declaration merging, and more.

Mastering TypeScript: Second Edition: Designed to help developers familiar with JavaScript get the most out of TypeScript, this course from Udemy teaches users how to work with the more advanced features of the language, including ES6, ES7, and ES8. Users will create a sample application and analyze its structure, interact with the Type system and learn how to use it more effectively, and get familiar with JavaScript libraries in TypeScript.

React: Using TypeScript: In this advanced class from LinkedIn Learning, users will learn how to use TypeScript with React including: Basic and complex Types, class/stateful components, Interfaces, basic and complex Types, and how to implement higher-order components.


Learn TypeScript in 50 Minutes: Tutorial for Beginners: This video covers fundamental concepts such as: Variable Declarations, variable Types, Functions, Interfaces, Classes, and Access Modifiers.

TypeScript: The Basics: This 12-minute video discusses the basics of TypeScript functionality and practical use cases.

Typescript Tutorial: This 10-video series from the Angular University blog covers: Commonly used ES6 features, debugging in the browser and node, Typings/useful Type System features, and more.

Object-Oriented vs Functional Programming with TypeScript: This video from AngularFirebase explains object-oriented and functional programming using TypeScript. Included are notes about Interface and Class Inheritance.

Using TypeScript in React: In this 14-minute video, Ben Awad, software consultant and creator of MySaffronApp, explains how to utilize TypeScript in the Interface framework React.

Websites The official website for the language offers the latest version of TypeScript for download as well as a handbook, code simulator/”Playground,” guides for using TypeScript with Angular, React, Node.js, etc., tutorials, updates, and more.

TypeScript blog: On Microsoft’s site, this official TypeScript blog features regular updates and new developments.

@typescriptlang: The official Twitter page for the language. It contains posts about updates/changes, videos, and other related content.

GitHub: Users can post issues, get resolutions, and receive language updates for TypeScript.

Definitely Typed: A GitHub forum containing high-quality TypeScript definition files for common libraries and frameworks.

StackOverflow: A forum where users can discuss questions and issues related specifically to TypeScript.

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