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My company made the switch to Microsoft Teams almost two years ago, and we haven’t looked back. Teams is a versatile app offering both one-on-one and group instant messaging, audio and video calling capabilities, file sharing, access to OneNote and a calendar synchronized with your Outlook calendar.

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Teams and Outlook (which needs no introduction) are where I spent more than half my workday engaging in communication and collaboration. I even have a separate work laptop in my home office which has Teams and Outlook up at all times for instant access to information, which I take around the house with me when I need a change of scenery from my home workstation.

Since I have Teams on multiple devices and am often engaged in conference calls, I often have to transfer an ongoing call to another device such as my phone or my separate work laptop, such as if I’m getting in the car or going to sit out on the deck.

It’s possible to just disconnect the call from one device and join it from the other as well as to have Teams call your phone number to add that device to the meeting, but a better option is to transfer the call directly over so you don’t miss anything.

How to transfer a Microsoft Teams call to another device

Normally call transfers work in either a “push” or “pull” scenario where one device either hands off the call to another or the target device takes the call from the source. Teams works via the latter scenario, which I think makes things seamless and less chaotic, especially when you’re in a hurry or have already walked away from your workspace.

To do make the transfer, access Calendar in Teams on the intended target device.

Locate the ongoing meeting and tap Join.

You will be given one of two options (Figure A):

Figure A

If you’re just going out to the mailbox and not likely to need to speak, Add This Device will work fine (you can also unmute if you do need to chime in).

If you’re going somewhere for a longer duration or actively contributing, tap Transfer to This Device. You’ll need to tap Transfer to confirm the second choice.

The call will be dropped from the source device. To perform the reverse just follow these same steps or drop the call on your mobile and join the meeting from your desktop/laptop if the conference call is winding down.