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New tech tools have blurred the line between big and small companies. Even if you have a tiny business, you can still migrate to the cloud like the big boys. Simply learn enterprise cloud essentials from The Essential Enterprise Cloud Computing Engineer Bundle.

Courses explain how the cost-effective solutions that Amazon Web Services delivers can help meet the demands of your business. You’ll also learn the differences between AWS and Microsoft Azure, including practical use cases. Another course goes into enough detail about the platform’s services and storage so you’ll be able to use it confidently to achieve your business objectives.

If you’re already all-in on the Google ecosystem and want to use its cloud platform, one course covers the practicalities, including efficient troubleshooting. Another Salesforce e-book provides a comprehensive guide for administrators with all the newest features, while yet another covers Salesforce fundamentals, tips and tricks, automating processes, debugging and more.

This cloud training bundle particularly dives deep into Salesforce Lightning Platform, which is increasingly being used by business admins, analysts, consultants and developers to design enterprise apps. Two video courses demonstrate how to make the most out of the platform, and they are supported by two e-books. A ServiceNow e-book covers the platform’s newest features with examples of how to manage and automate IT services.

Get The Essential Enterprise Cloud Computing Engineer Bundle today while it’s available for only $29.99.

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