Your team has just completed an annual report for 2006 that
totals 102 pages. So, what do you do when management asks you to submit a
one-page executive summary that is no longer than 500 words for tomorrow’s meeting?

You could skim through the entire report to pick out the
main points or try summarizing them from memory, but that will take awhile.
Rather, let Word’s AutoSummarize feature sum it up for you. Follow these steps:

  1. Open
    the document containing the annual report.
  2. Go to
    Tools | AutoSummarize.
  3. Select
    Create A New Document And Put The Summary There.
  4. Select
    500 Words Or Less from the Percent Of Original
    drop-down menu.
  5. Click

Word will create a summary of the document in another
document that you can proofread and edit. If you find that the summary has
missed a few points, try running AutoSummarize again with a larger percentage
of the original report. It is always easier to delete from the summary than try
to add to it from memory.

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