Cloud storage technology
Image: phonlamaiphoto/Adobe Stock

With the pace that we all accumulate data, it is not a matter of if you’ll need cloud storage, but when. Luckily, there are no shortage of plans to choose from, and the competition between them is driving some welcome innovations. Prism Drive Secure Cloud Storage is one such innovation.

No matter what kind of files you have or where you store them, Prism Drive offers you a way to clean house and free space. There are plans that give you 2TB of storage all the way up to 10TB, and once you’ve signed up, you have access to that secure cloud hub forever with a one-time fee. It’s easy to access them from any kind of connected device, and you can even share data with trusted friends or family just by creating a link.

Security is always a concern when you’re signing up for cloud storage, and Prism Drive offers some of the best. All data gets locked down behind a zero-knowledge protocol that ensures that nobody but you has access to the encrypted keys to your data — not even Prism Drive. There’s even protection from user error, since trashed files get backed up for 30 days.

The service works with most file types. JPEGs, MP3, XLS, PPT and more get the same protection, and you may  preview them without having to download the full file. It’s a great way to not only store but manage your data.

Right now, Prism Drive is offering lifetime cloud plans starting at $49 for 2TB of storage. That’s a full 93% off the MSRP, and the savings go up with larger capacity plans.

Prices and availability are subject to change.