Superhuman software. This is a common and catchy phrase that has recently been used to describe IBM’s Lotus Notes. Whether you’re a trainer teaching this certification class or an IT professional seeking Lotus Notes certification, Lotus Notes Certification Exam Guide: Application Development & System Administration is a resource you might want to consider adding to your library.

With Notes being the top groupware solution on the market right now, there’s a large demand for qualified Lotus Notes trainers, certified developers, and administrators.
If you’re looking to get certified, then buy Lotus Notes Certification Exam Guide: Application Development & System Administration, by Scott L. Thomas and Amy E. Peasley. This 610-page hardcover resource, published by McGraw-Hill Publishers, 1997, is one of the most complete guides available. It retails at $54.95, but it can be found at for a special price of $38.45.

This book offers a lot
The book is broken into four sections, one for each exam: Application Development I and II and System Administration I and II. The guide is based on Lotus Notes Release 4, so some of the material may be out-of-date, but these four exams are still the building blocks for your certification. Each section’s material starts with an excellent introduction of what to look for on the exams. Also, throughout each section, writer tips and exam pitfalls are highlighted, helping to steer readers around potential exam problems. The writing is very clear, and the examples given in the book are easy to follow and recall. As you get into the more advanced material, the book builds on information in the previous chapters, forcing you to understand what you’ve already read.

The CD that is included with the book, which contains seven sample exams, is instrumental in showing the types of questions and structures on the actual exams. The practice questions are based on real-world situations and problems, helping reinforce the book material. When I took my exams, I found that the questions on the actual exams and the ones on the practice exams were very similar both in structure and content.

The resource for me
The book was a great tool for helping me gain my Lotus Professional Certification, as well as assisting me in my everyday role as an administrator at a corporation. I picked up a lot of little things from the book that I was able to use in my workplace environment. It’s the most comprehensive study guide I’ve found for Lotus Notes Release 4, and it gave me a tremendous boost toward finishing my certification.

Anthony Russo is a Lotus Notes administrator at Systems & Computer Technology Corp. in Malvern, PA. He is a Certified Lotus Professional and Lotus End User Instructor.