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Mac users, when you’re trying to find a tool to help you with various tasks, including time management and churn through massive amounts of data, where do you turn if Google Workspace isn’t enough? The Complete Utility Pro Lifetime Mac Bundle is a great place to start.

This extensive Mac bundle includes nine apps from Koingo, a leading Mac app developer. The comprehensive bundle gives you apps to handle just about any need you can imagine. Here’s what’s included in this Mac bundle.

  • AirRadar Wi-Fi Finder: Find the best open wireless networks near you and connect safely.
  • MacPilot: Access all of the hidden features of your Mac with intuitive tools.
  • MacMagic: Clear up massive amounts of storage, find hidden files and more.
  • MacCleanse: Maximize your storage and performance by eliminating unwanted files and logs.
  • Display Maestro: Take full control of any attached displays.
  • Librarian Pro: Organize your files in a smarter, more intuitive way for browsing collections.
  • Data Guardian: Securely store passwords, credit card information, addresses and much more in a central location.
  • Alarm Clock Pro: Manage your schedule with automated and customizable reminders.
  • Mystery Island II: Tap into your problem-solving skills with this challenging retro mystery game.

With this deal, you’ll get lifetime access to every app, giving you the tools to overhaul your Mac experience without breaking the bank. From maximizing performance to getting better organized, you’ll appreciate all that this Mac Bundle has to offer.

Give your Mac an upgrade that you’ll keep on benefiting from. Right now, you can get The Complete Utility Pro Lifetime Mac Bundle for just $49, which is 91% off $560.

Prices and availability are subject to change.