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An email inbox is among the first things many of us encounter on a daily basis. However, suppose your setup looks clunky or crowded lately, filled with spam or seemingly random messages that take up space and create issues when searching for the items you actually need. In that case, it may be time to consider cleaning things up with some professional assistance.

You can sort through the mess and streamline your process of accomplishing tasks with an email manager tool like Mailman. It allows you to prioritize emails, block unimportant ones, set delivery slots and create shortcuts that save steps.

This Gmail plugin minimizes interruptions and increases your productivity immediately by shutting down outside intrusion from those you no longer wish to hear from, whether that means unknown senders, newsletter alerts you can’t figure out how to cancel, or frustrating spam messages that can become a distraction or even dangerous.

Utilize filters to ensure you see — and miss — the correct items, and structure that approach based on importance, keywords and domains. Mailman also makes things easy by delivering your latest email messages at pre-scheduled intervals, allowing you to dictate your productivity plan as things progress.

If it’s time to refresh or you’ve got other matters to deal with, simply enter into Do Not Disturb Mode to have all of your email notifications remain hidden. Set specific hours or days to fit your personal schedule, or shift over to snooze when life becomes a bit too hectic.

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