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These days, everybody has something to say. It’s no surprise, then, that podcasting has become such a popular medium. If you want to add your voice to the airwaves, you’ll need the right equipment to do so, and the SLIDE Broadcaster Kit: Podcasting Mic Package gives you what you need at a great price. It’s on sale for just $28.99 (normally $59).

If you’re not sure you’re all the way sold on starting a podcast yet, this budget-friendly kit is a great starting point. Although made primarily for podcasting, this kit works for broadcasting, vlogging, conducting interviews, gaming, live streaming and anything else you need a microphone for. It comes with a condenser mic, mini tripod, shock mount, acoustic pop filter and TRS adapter—everything you need to record or stream high-quality audio.

The omnidirectional condenser mic picks up sound from all sides, making it ideal for recording instruments, multiple people talking or videos. The tripod, naturally, holds the mic in place while you’re speaking while the shock mount protects the microphone from contact that can ruin a recording. The acoustic pop filter cuts out issues on both the high and low ends to produce cleaner demos. Finally, the 3.5mm TRS to 3.5mm TRRS adapter lets you connect your mic to devices like your smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC for direct recording. All told, it’s a complete set to help you get your podcasting dreams (or broadcasting, live streaming or any other audio recording dreams) off the ground without breaking the bank.

What do you have to say? Take your first step toward putting your voice out there for a budget-friendly price. Right now, you can get the SLIDE Broadcaster Kit: Podcasting Mic Package on sale for 51% off $59 at just $28.99 for a limited time. That’s a small price to pay for becoming a mogul!

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