Menlo Park, CA, USA - November 6, 2021: Meta Headquarters, corporate campus in Menlo Park, California. The Facebook company is now Meta.
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Currently, IT-specific careers are in high demand. Development jobs in particular are expected to grow by 22% between now and 2030, which is an above average growth rate when compared to all other occupations.

The demand for developers is the direct result of the rapid growth of technology and our ongoing dependence on it for work and play. After all, everything we do, from sending an email to a colleague to getting groceries delivered to our doorstep, requires software, a website or an app.

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Unfortunately, qualified developers are in short supply. According to a recent survey completed by CodinGame and Coderpad, almost 50% (46.59%) of recruiters are struggling to find qualified candidates.

To help combat the skills gap while inspiring professionals to take advantage of in-demand career paths, tech giant Meta has recently released five new programs through Coursera. Two of these programs were designed specifically for aspiring front-end and back-end developers. Two others are dedicated to iOS and Android app development, while the fifth course teaches database skills.

The Front-End Developer Professional Certificate and Back-End Developer Professional Certificate, were highly anticipated. These programs, which contain multiple courses each, were designed for the entry-level professional without previous experience or education in software development.

However, current developers can benefit too. According to Coursera: “Professionals already working in this field can benefit as well, as you’ll be able to stay current with the latest in-demand skills.”

These two programs allow professionals to choose a career as a front-end or back-end developer or as a developer for Android or iOS-specific applications. Both courses deliver the skills aspiring developers need to start a new career in less than eight months.

After completion of the course, developers gain instant access to the Meta Career Programs Job Board. This is a job search platform that connects developers with 200+ employers who wish to source talent through Meta’s certificate programs. These employers include industry-leading companies such as VaynerMedia, Johnson & Johnson and BBDO. Plus, developers receive additional career support resources.

Students will learn from many of the brightest minds in software development, as both courses are taught by the software engineering experts at Meta, the brain behind Facebook and Instagram.

Meta Front-End Developer Professional Certificate

Front-end developers are tasked with developing beautiful websites that function properly and provide an excellent user experience. In the Meta Front-End Developer Professional Certificate course, students learn everything they need to know to prepare for a career in front-end development.

This certification program features nine complete courses covering a wide range of material. For example, students learn how to develop responsive websites using HTML, how to use Bootstrap CSS Frameworks to develop web pages and how to use React within Javascript libraries.

In addition to the development-specific content, students will also learn how to use the version control tools inside GitHub, how to edit images and how to use content management systems. Individual courses include Introduction to Front-End Development and Programming with JavaScript, HTML and CSS.

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To complete this course, students will need to finish a portfolio project to prove their skills. This project requires students to develop a front-end web application, which can then be used to showcase newfound skills to potential employers.

Meta Back-End Developer Professional Certificate

Back-end developers build the components that make tech tools such as websites and apps work. In the Meta Back-End Developer Professional Certification program, students find 10 individual courses that dive deep into back-end development concepts.

Students will learn Python Syntax, the most popular programming system for developers. They’ll also learn the process of programming, Linux commands, using MySQL for data storage and much more.

Similar to the front-end development program, students will need to finish a capstone project to obtain certification. This project involves developing a Django web app from start to finish. Throughout the program, students will also use their skills to solve problems using Python, manage projects in GitHub and complete other critical back-end projects.

All students who complete any Meta course will receive a certificate they can share with their professional networks and potential employers. Coursera offers all new students the option to test out program materials through a free, seven-day trial. The cost of course materials after the free trial depends on the student’s chosen Coursera subscription plan.

Not interested in development? Meta currently offers additional courses through Coursera, including the Meta Social Media Marketing Professional Certificate course and the Meta Marketing Analytics Professional Certificate course.

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