Workplace culture concept. Silhouettes drawn on sheets.
Image: Vitalii Vodolazskyi/Adobe Stock

What do you want from your employees and collaborators? If you wish for their best work and a productive relationship that generates growth and positivity, you will have to do your part too, because engaged employees are more profitable. One Gallup report on employee engagement, for instance, found that companies whose workers reported higher levels of engagement actually showed 20 percent higher profits than companies with less satisfied workers.

When you’re ready to make the effort to engage with your team in a way that’s meaningful to them, you’ll see all of the ways you can go about it. To help give you a system to operate within, it’s worth checking out Motivosity, a contemporary employee engagement software platform built to improve how well employers communicate with, listen to, appreciate and empower their employees.

The main guiding principles of the Motivosity brand are gratitude and connection, and they inspire the curation of the platform’s four-pronged approach. Utilizing tools and features across the Motivosity products — Connect, Recognize, Lead and Listen — you can captivate your team and learn from them in newer and more profound ways. To discover how, just request a demo.

Once on the Motivosity platform, you will see the specific ways it can elevate your team’s interconnectivity. The Listen features are particularly effective with anonymous eNPS surveys, eNPS tracking, report dashboards and pulse surveys. With Lead, managers become better coaches with 1-on-1 tools, priority management and transparent agendas.

When you sign up for Motivosity, you’ll join several well-known and successful brands — including Chick-fil-A, Toyota and FujiFilm — who trust its services. You’ll learn why 99% of reviewers on GetApp recommend it, and you will see why companies’ satisfaction figures rise by over 50 percent when their workforce gets into the Motivosity program.

Interested companies can request a demo and learn how the Motivosity program works firsthand.

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