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When a Trello Workspace gets very busy, it can be easy to miss out on important updates. Should you miss out on an important update, the entire project could miss a major milestone or deployment. That’s not something any team member wants to be held responsible for.

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To avoid such a disaster, you should understand how to watch both cards and boards. By doing this, you’re no longer just relying on your ability to spot changes in a board, but those changes will come to your notifications. What changes?

  • Cards: Comments, due date changes, moves, additions and archiving.
  • Boards: Same as cards along with the addition of when someone creates a new card on any board you’re watching.

The choice is yours: You can watch a single card on a board or you can watch the entire board. Which you choose is up to you and depends on if you need to stay up-to-date on an entire board or only specific cards within a board. Either way, Trello has you covered.

Let’s find out how to watch both cards and boards.

What you’ll need to never miss a Trello update

The only thing you’ll need is a Trello account. You can use either the free or the paid versions of the service, as they both include the watching feature.

How to watch a single card on Trello

The first thing I’ll show you how to do is watch an individual card. This is not only very easy, but it’s also quite obvious.

Log in to your Trello account and go to the board that contains the card you want to watch. Click on the card to be watched and you should see a Watch button near the bottom-right corner of the pop-up window (Figure A).

Figure A

Watching a single card in Trello.

After clicking Watch, a green check will appear to indicate you are watching the card (Figure B).

Figure B

Green is always good.

You can also watch an entire list of cards. To do that, click the three-button menu at the top right of the list and click Watch (Figure C).

Figure C

A checkmark means you’re watching the list in question.

If you don’t need to watch every list on a board, this is a great way to only keep tabs on those lists that include cards germane to your job.

How to watch an entire board on Trello

Next, we’ll watch an entire board. This is especially helpful to those who manage the bigger picture or simply need to keep watch over everything that happens in a project.

To watch a board, click the board menu, click Show Menu at the top right of the board and then click More from the popup (Figure D).

Figure D

In the resulting menu (Figure E), click Watch, and any changes made to the board will appear in your notifications.

Figure E

Watching an entire board is but a click away.

One thing to keep in mind is that you can always go back and unwatch a card, list or board. This can be helpful when the notifications become a bit overwhelming. After a while, you’ll figure out which is the best watch path for you to take to get just the right amount of notifications and no more.

And that’s all there is to watching cards and boards in Trello. I highly recommend you take advantage of this feature so you don’t miss out on important updates to your projects.

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