Linux administrators need to be ready for any job that comes up in the daily routine of managing networks, servers and users. This collection of TechRepublic Premium downloads covers the basics of this job such as selecting the best admin GUI in addition to more complex tasks like how to configure networking on Linux servers.

7 Linux commands to help you with disk management

These useful disk management command line tools can be found on just about every Linux distribution. Once you have even a basic understanding of these commands, disk management in Linux will be considerably easier. With the commands you’ll find here, you should be able to manage nearly every aspect of your disks.

How to manage processes in Linux

No matter your Linux system, be it desktop or server, there will be many processes running at any given time. Admins need to be able to monitor these processes and manage them. This collection of tips will help you  accomplish that.

How to configure networking on a Linux server

Networking on a Linux server is more complicated than you might think, and working with the command line is just the beginning. This guide explains how to configure networking on two Linux distributions: Ubuntu Server 20.04 and CentOS 8.

How to manage user passwords on Linux

Passwords are a necessary evil for most Linux admins. This helpful resource will make this task easier and help you create policies to make sure user passwords are strong and changed on a regular schedule.

How to manage file and folder permissions in Linux

Whether you are using the Octal method or the Symbolic method, this resource will tell you everything you need to know about managing permissions in Linux. TechRepublic Premium writer Jack Wallen defines the three types of permissions and three types of users as well as explaining how to make all necessary changes.  

Linux user and group management tips

The command line tools can be a bit more challenging than GUIs, especially for new Linux admins. This list of tips will make the job of user and group management easier.

The best Linux web-based admin GUIs for business

This resource explains how some GUIs  serve a more general purpose, while others are very specific. In the end, you can always install a combination of these to create a web-based admin toolkit that is perfectly suited to the needs of your company. This article shows you how.