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When you’re traveling light, it doesn’t really make sense to lug around a big old workstation laptop, but you might still need to get work done and watch a movie while you’re remote working. The solution? Pick up a lightweight machine like the HP x360 33 G1 EE. This 11.6” beast is well equipped for everyday tasks, from checking your email to word processing and more. In a special deal for TechRepublic readers, you can currently pick up a refurbished device for only $229.99. That’s 14% off the usual price, with no coupon required.

Normally speaking, you would expect to pay four figures for a new ultra-compact laptop. From Apple to Samsung, all the big names know that this form factor is really popular — and we pay the price as a result. That’s why going refurbished makes a lot of sense. The HP x360 33 G1 EE has specs to match many current machines, and these Grade A refurbished machines are in near-mint condition. So while you’re getting top-tier performance, you’re paying prices that will not break your bank.

What you get with your purchase is a small yet powerful laptop with a full HD touchscreen display — ideal for creativity and streaming. Under the hood, 8GB of RAM provides plenty of power for multi-tasking. Just as importantly, you get a 128GB SSD for storing your files, and an array of useful ports. This is a great device for professionals working remotely to handle a wide range of tasks. So if you want to travel and keep up with your tasks — no problem.

These devices normally sell for $269. But for two weeks, we are cutting the price of refurbished devices — meaning you can get the HP today for only $229.99. Just make sure to purchase before September 30.

Prices and availability are subject to change.