On Tuesday, at the RSA Conference in San Francisco, HPE unveiled SecureData for Hadoop and IoT, a new product designed specifically for protecting sensitive data generated in an IoT deployment or transmitted among IoT devices.

As enterprises continue to adopt new connected devices, they are increasing the amount of potentially insight-rich data they are taking in, but they are also creating additional risk. A Gartner report cited by HPE noted that, among respondents, security was the biggest roadblock to success with IoT.

According to a press release, the SecureData for Hadoop and IoT offering utilizes HPE Format-preserving Encryption (FPE), which is FIPS compliant. It is also the industry’s first integration of Apache NiFi, a scalable data processing and distribution system, and it is NIST standardized, the release said.

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“HPE SecureData enables business users to easily build data security in, delivering persistent protection in IoT and big data ecosystems, and allowing organizations to securely innovate,” Albert Biketi, vice president and general manager for HPE Security, said in the release.

In the same way that IoT data is valuable to an organization, it is also valuable to attackers if they can get access to it. Apache NiFi will be one of the core pieces protecting against IoT data theft in SecureData for Hadoop and IoT. The release described the technology as “an integrated data logistics platform for automating the movement of data between disparate systems.”

Apache NiFi is an open source project that was derived from a previous NSA project called Niagarafiles, and it gives the user better control to manage when and where data is moving.

“The HPE SecureData NiFi integration enables organizations to incorporate data security into their IoT strategies by allowing them to more easily manage sensitive data flows and insert encryption closer to the intelligent edge,” the release said.

HPE SecureData for Hadoop and IoT also integrates with Hortonworks DataFlow (HDF), and is the only security vendor offering to do so, the release noted. Overall, the goal of HPE SecureData for Hadoop and IoT is to urther process and secure data at the edge.

“In the new connected world, security, privacy, and data protection must extend beyond the data center to the intelligent edge, because there can be millions of different sensors with different protocols in different places capturing sensitive information,” Chris Sullivan, senior vice president of channels and alliances at Hortonworks, said in the release. “With Hortonworks and HPE, customers get an integrated real time, certified solution for securely streaming and analyzing their data.”

HPE SecureData for Hadoop and IoT is available now as part of the HPE SecureData family.

The 3 big takeaways for TechRepublic readers

  1. At the RSA Conference, HPE announced its SecureData for Hadoop and IoT product to secure sensitive IoT data with a data0centric approach.
  2. The product is the first to use Apache NiFi, a logistics platform that helps manage data moving to and from disparate systems, pushing security to the IoT edge.
  3. HPE SecureData for Hadoop and IoT also integrates with Hortonworks DataFlow (HDF) for improved data management, and works in any environment.