The bar for solid state drive (SSD) capacity has officially been set, and Seagate is the company that set it. At the 2016 Flash Memory Summit in Santa Clara, CA, Seagate displayed its new 60TB Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) SSD, the world’s highest capacity SSD.

With capacity like that, one would only need 17 individual drives to reach 1 petabyte of capacity, Seagate noted in a photo it displayed on Twitter. The drive is housed in an HDD 3.5-inch form factor, and is “ideal for large storage arrays, active archives and read-intensive environments,” a display said.

While it is only being demoed now, the drive should be available sometime in 2017. However, it was developed as part of the company’s data center portfolio, and will likely only be available to enterprise customers.

For those unfamiliar with the grandeur of such a capacity, Seagate said that 60TB could hold roughly “400 million photos on a typical social media platform, or 12,000 DVD movies.” The drive also features a new level of power efficient with 4TB per watt.

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To put the drive into perspective relative to the existing market, the largest available drive currently is the Samsung PM1633a. The Samsung model, which was unveiled in March, only offers 15.36TB–almost 75% less than the Seagate model. While the Seagate model hasn’t yet been priced, Samsung’s PM1633a will set you back about $10,000.

At the event, Seagate also showed off its Nytro XM 1440 2TB SSD, which it claimed was the “densest enterprise storage in the world.”

The capacity is the latest development of “firsts” in the SSD industry, following Everspin’s announcement in early August that it would be exhibiting what it billed as the world’s fastest SSD at the Flash Memory Summit as well. The pace of innovation in both capacity and performance could be signs of a maturing market, and could set up the potential for more widespread adoption of SSDs in the enterprise data center.

On Seagate’s side of things, the company has more riding on the monstrous 60TB than just kudos as an innovator. It has been dealing with falling profits and job cuts as of late, and the new product could help strengthen the company’s standings.

The 3 big takeaways for TechRepublic readers

  1. Seagate unveiled a monster 60TB solid state drive for businesses, boasting the world’s largest capacity for an SSD.
  2. The Seagate 60TB drive is also very power efficient, but will likely carry an extremely high price tag.
  3. In addition to Seagate’s huge drive, Everspin announced that it would be showing off the world’s fastest SSD at the same event.