Person taking notes by their laptop computer.
Image: bnenin/Adobe Stock

It’s easy to become disorganized in the digital age, but the simplest way to get back on track is to stay prepared. That’s where Agenda Premium 14: Date-Focused Note-Taking comes in.

Agenda is an award-winning note-taking app for macOS and iOS that has earned 4.7 stars on the iOS App Store with more than 3,000 ratings. The date-focused app combines the best elements of your notes and calendar, allowing you to get a clear picture of the status of your projects and the evolution of your notes over time.

Agenda is the only note-taking app that strongly emphasizes the passage of time. Each project within the app has a unique timeline of notes, and you can link individual notes to events in your Calendar or Reminder apps to stay completely organized. You can also sync notes between devices via iCloud or Dropbox and add attachments, tables, tags, links and lists of notes.

With Agenda’s powerful search feature, project jump bar and related notes list, finding notes after starting them is easy, no matter where they are on your timeline.

Get organized and stay that way. For a limited time, you can get Agenda Premium 14: Date-Focused Note-Taking for just $9.99 (normally $34).

Prices are subject to change.