vFairs events platform.
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The events industry is a sizable one — the American market is expected to be valued at $538.6 billion by 2030. Obviously, there is a lot of need for a wide variety of events today, and they now range from in-person to remote and hybrid gatherings. For planners and hosts, it can be exceptionally cost effective, time saving and advantageous to find a digital resource that can optimize event production.

vFairs is a platform that hosts virtual, hybrid and in-person trade shows, conferences, job fairs and events. Its comprehensive suite of features and solutions can support a broad variety of experiences and event types, while offering a wide range of value adds and helpful networking tools.

Here are a few of the more popular and effective examples.

Make attending in-person events easier

Registration, ticketing and check-ins — these are all essential pieces of an in-person event, and if scattered, disorganized or miscalculated, they can negatively impact the quality of a day. vFairs offers a service that streamlines event registration, ticketing and check-ins with a single back-end system available to the host and planner. In addition to ensuring a smooth-running entry, vFairs collects helpful analytics and attendee behavior metrics for subscribers to learn from.

Mobile event app

For in-person and hybrid events, vFairs Mobile Event App is a game-changer in regards to its connectivity capabilities. In addition to taking advantage of chat features, meeting booking and profile searches, attendees can rely on the app to create custom schedules and to find their way to the session or exhibitor they need to see with access to customizable floor maps. And the Lead Capture feature lets attendees simply scan other attendees’ QR code on their event badge to easily get their contact information.

Virtual event halls

For remote events, vFairs provides an upscale and extensive suite of virtual venues designed to create a more immersive experience. With vFairs, hosts and planners can create virtual auditoriums for presentations, exhibit halls for presenters and sponsors, networking lounges, chatrooms and more.

vFairs was named an Enterprise High Performer and Enterprise Best Support in the Winter 2023 G2 Report. Of the many five-star reviews for vFairs, this one from a CEO named Laura P. reads, “We have heard nothing but positive comments from both exhibitors/sponsors and attendees.”

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