SurePayroll’s fast facts

Our star rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars

Starting price: $19.99/mo. + $4/employee/mo.

Key features:

  • Built-in time tracking.
  • Mobile app.
  • Benefits administration capabilities.
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SurePayroll is a significant player in the payroll software market, providing a suite of helpful tools and capabilities. With its inexpensive price plans and low fees for add-on services, small and midsize businesses alike can appreciate the software as an economic choice. Being a simple tool with built-in essential features and the option to incorporate additional services, organizations can easily select a SurePayroll plan capable of meeting their specific payroll requirements.

Of course, SurePayroll is one of many payroll software options available to organizations today. To help you in your software selection, we put together this comprehensive review of SurePayroll’s current software offerings, assessing important aspects like included features, scalability, price and more.

Read on to learn more about the online payroll service and everything that it can do to support your business’ payroll operations.

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SurePayroll’s pricing


SurePayroll currently does not provide transparent pricing on its website and instead suggests shoppers complete a form to receive a quote. However, SurePayroll previously offered their plans at the following price points:

  • No Tax Filing: $19.99 flat rate per month plus $4 per person paid per month.
  • Full Service: $29.99 flat rate per month plus $5 per person paid per month.

The No Tax Filing plan and the Full Service plan provide many of the same features but differ regarding their payroll tax services. The No Tax Filing plan does not file or deposit payroll taxes for users, but it does provide tax calculations. On the other hand, the Full Service plan performs all calculating, filing and depositing of payroll taxes on behalf of the business. It also supports two-day payroll processing as an included perk.

Currently, new SurePayroll customers can receive up to six months of their software for free through a limited-time deal. Shoppers can also experience the software before committing to it through a free trial.


In addition, SurePayroll offers customers various add-on service options for additional fees:

  • Multiple state tax filing: $9.99 per month for Full Service plan users.
  • Local Tax filing: $9.99 per month for Full Service plan users.
  • Time clock integration: $9.99 per month.
  • Accounting integration: $4.99 per month.

Although most add-ons are not necessary to run payroll, some businesses may require certain add-on services depending on their location and the location of their staff.

SurePayroll’s key features


SurePayroll provides a range of flexible payroll features and capabilities for businesses to manage and streamline their payroll operations. The solution enables its customers to perform unlimited monthly payroll runs, as well as off-cycle pay runs through any pay schedule.

Businesses can ensure that their payroll is processed correctly through SurePayroll’s tools for canceling payroll and running payroll on the same day. Administrators can even schedule their payroll and use the automation feature to ensure payruns are processed on time.

Figure A

Businesses can automate their payroll processes using the Auto Payroll tool.
Businesses can automate their payroll processes using the Auto Payroll tool. Source: SurePayroll.

The free two-day direct deposit feature included in the Full Service plan is an excellent feature, and the ability to access online pay stubs is included in both plans. Whether the workers are scheduled as salaried, hourly, full-time or part-time 1099 contractors or W-2 employees, SurePayroll can help businesses compensate them appropriately. Additional pay run capabilities include administering pay through multiple pay rates and adding bonuses.

SurePayroll facilitates payments to workers while calculating deductions for Social Security, Medicare, unemployment and state and local taxes. Administrators are then able to use the data gathered from the system to generate a variety of payroll reports for valuable insights. All in all, SurePayroll’s features can save time and effort by ensuring accuracy and providing payroll ease.

Tax filing

Payroll accuracy and compliance mean staying on top of tax deductions, tax laws and other requirements. SurePayroll helps by keeping track of updated tax requirements, performing tax calculations and taking care of reporting for new hires. The system even calculates wage garnishments, manages HSA and FSA funds and handles 401(k) deductions for businesses.

With SurePayroll’s tax features, employers can rest easy knowing the system can process all of their necessary deductions for Social Security, Medicare, unemployment and state and local taxes. For customers with the Full Service payroll plan, SurePayroll even has a taxes paid and filed guarantee, so if they make a mistake when filing taxes on your business’s behalf, SurePayroll will handle all subsequent costs to fix the issue.

Figure B

Administrators can easily manage payroll deductions within the system.
Administrators can easily manage payroll deductions within the system. Source: SurePayroll.


SurePayroll provides workers’ compensation coverage and small-business insurance through Sure Protect, a service developed by the Paychex Insurance Agency in collaboration with CoverWallet. This service helps small businesses access workers compensation insurance plans with flexible payment options, including a pay-as-you-go option, with guidance from a dedicated insurance agent. The agent can help you gather customized quotes and answer questions throughout the insurance selection process.

You can also get health insurance support through the company that owns SurePayroll, Paychex Flex. In partnering with Paychex Insurance Agency, SurePayroll can assist businesses in finding affordable and highly rated health insurance coverage so you can find appropriate health insurance plans, compare them and gather free quotes from insurance carriers to make an informed decision. Businesses can also utilize an array of comprehensive, user-friendly tools and resources to help them through the selection process.

SurePayroll also offers 401(k) benefits through the Sure401k service. This service requires an add-on fee and lets businesses choose from multiple plan design options to meet their business needs. Small businesses can also meet with a SurePayroll retirement plan specialist who will help them choose and get set up with a 401(k) plan.


SurePayroll provides built-in connections with several popular solutions, including Intuit Quickbooks, Xero and Less Accounting. However, a particularly advantageous feature is the built-in software integration with free time tracking solutions, so businesses can make it easy for employees to accurately reflect their working hours within the system.

SurePayroll pros

  • Customer service support, including weekends and evenings.
  • Included unlimited payroll runs.
  • Automatic payroll processing through the Auto Payroll feature.
  • First-time customers can get up to six months free.
  • Mobile app for payroll processing on the go.

SurePayroll cons

  • Certain add-on fees are required for various services.
  • Exact software price information is difficult to locate online.
  • Only two payroll plans offered, making SurePayroll a less-scalable software option for growing businesses.

If SurePayroll isn’t ideal for you, check out these alternatives

If you still aren’t convinced that SurePayroll is the right solution for your business’s payroll needs, you may want to consider these other payroll software providers.


Gusto is a trusted name in the payroll software market and has earned its reputation by providing robust payroll features for small businesses. The software works to simplify payroll administration and helps teams with HR processes, like employee benefits. Gusto even has its own insurance brokerage, meaning businesses only pay the insurance premium and don’t have to pay extra to integrate their payroll with benefits software.


If your small business requires a software solution with more employee-centric HR features, you should definitely consider BambooHR. BambooHR is a professional employer organization that supports businesses in delivering an excellent employee experience for their team members. Buyers can incorporate full-service payroll as an add-on feature and use the built-in HR tools to support their teams, improve their retention and boost their employee engagement.

QuickBooks Payroll

QuickBooks Payroll is the optimal choice if you want a product that will work well with a growing business. It provides several plans for businesses to choose from at different price points, so you can select the option that works for your current payroll needs but scale up as you expand. QuickBooks Payroll also provides some helpful features that are not included in SurePayroll’s plans, including built-in project tracking, a dedicated payroll specialist and seamless integration with other QuickBooks software solutions.

Review methodology

We reviewed a number of sources to get a broader picture of how SurePayroll can serve your needs, including SurePayroll’s website and an aggregate of user feedback.

To come up with our star rating, we reviewed and weighted SurePayroll’s features, customer service offerings and other capabilities to see how they compare to similar solutions. To find out more about how we approach our star ratings, take a look at our payroll methodology page.

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