A person reading and planning for the new year at an outside table.
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Planning ahead for 2023 already? You’ve got a bit of time, but it’s never too early to start setting those organizational and personal goals. We’ve got some places to start in this week’s trending news roundup. Find your next side hustle, get aligned with company priorities and prepare your team for 2023’s cybersecurity threats in this week’s issue.

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This bundle will teach you how to start a dropshipping side hustle

A dropshipper standing with a package.
Image: StackCommerce

If you’re resolving to make more money in the new year, dropshipping is a side hustle that might appeal to you. With a mix of strategy, hard work and a bit of marketing know-how, you can build a lucrative business. And this course bundle will teach you everything you need to know to set up your successful Fulfillment by Amazon business.

Microsoft Project and Planner are getting long-awaited features

Fast checklist and clipboard task management.
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Microsoft has made a lot of strides in connecting individual projects and goals to the larger work of the team and the company as a whole. It released the Viva Goals app this summer, and now new features in Project and Planner will let you see individual tasks in Viva Goals. There’s also a new Assigned to Me feature on the horizon, which will give employees a single view of their own tasks from Project, Planner and To Do. The release date for these features has not been set, but you can read more details from Microsoft reporter Mary Branscombe.

What is industrial IoT?

Facility operator controls workshop production line.
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The Industrial Internet of Things connects enterprise and industrial software with devices at the edge, providing detailed insight without direct human intervention. It’s so useful that it was a $326 billion market in 2021. This overview provides the benefits, features and complications of IIoT, plus lots of options for further reading.

How to use the new File Explorer features in Windows 11 22H2

The Windows 11 branding with New File Explorer features in 22H2 overlaid.
Image: Mark Kaelin/TechRepublic

File Explorer has been a necessary, if not inherently helpful, feature of Windows, but Microsoft is working on features that make it more useful. Mark Kaelin walks you through the new features, including tabs, a recently used section and some organizational changes to File Explorer in the 22H2 update to Windows 11.

Top cybersecurity threats for 2023

Malware, or Hack Attack Concept.
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Has your team considered multilayered security? Have you scheduled another anti-phishing training for your team? Understanding what next year may bring in terms of cybersecurity threats will help you understand where to place your resources now. Prepare for these eight cybersecurity threats — and don’t sleep on number 6.