Image: Tesla

In recent years, electric vehicle sales have boomed, and Tesla, with CEO Elon Musk at the helm, has been a perennially popular manufacturer. While the electric infrastructure needed to support these vehicles has its pitfalls, new charging stations are coming online as EVs become mainstays on highways and byways. To help electric vehicle owners navigate the open road, the Tesla website highlights Destination Charging sites worldwide. So what is Tesla Destination Charging and how does it work?

Tesla Destination Charging explained

Overall, the Tesla Destination Charging webpage features sites around the globe to help owners top off their batteries while enjoying other available amenities ranging from overnight stays and museum experiences to restaurants. These offerings include charging stations at inns and bed and breakfasts so drivers can catch a few overnight winks for the road ahead, but these utilities extend beyond the hotel space.

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There are also Destination Charging stations located on-site at entertainment and recreational attractions. For example, in and around the Chicagoland area, the website highlights recharging utilities situated at restaurants like the WIldwood tavern, sports and leisure offerings a la St. Andrews Golf Club and more function-forward parking garage recharging options.

Destination Charging trip planning

The Tesla website includes an easy-to-use, searchable interface to help drivers pinpoint Destination Charging locations around the globe. This is useful for people planning a quick stop-over or when plotting recharging opportunities on a larger regional or national Tesla tour.

Using the search bar, people can peruse Destination Charging sites in a specific area as well as nearby superchargers, Tesla stores, galleries and service locations. (It’s also possible to filter the results for each of these options.)

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By clicking on a specific store, people are presented with location information, hours of operation and more. Clicking on a specific supercharger location provides information to help travelers plan a recharge trip. In the Windy City, the marker for South Canal Street supercharger lists the station’s address, a roadside assistance phone number, hours of operation and nearby options for Wi-Fi connectivity.

The map also includes icons with muted color schemes to denote planned locations set to come online in the future.

Tesla globetrotting

These Destination Charging stations are by no means limited to the U.S. Those so inclined can recharge the ride and take in the sites at locations around the globe. This includes topping off the joules at the Grand Hótel Reykjavík in Iceland, Malta’s Pergola Hotel and Spa, Willie Smith’s Apple Shed in Tasmania and hundreds of other stations in between.