• Hon Ignition chair: Amazon
  • Steelcase Gesture chair: Amazon
  • Branch Ergonomic chair: Branch
  • Vertagear's Gaming Series Triigger 350: Amazon
  • Humanscale Freedom Headrest: Amazon
  • Autonomous Kinn Chair: Autonomous

As everyone continues to work from home, the necessity of having a great desk chair becomes more apparent. Sitting in a kitchen chair, or that old office chair, just won’t cut it any longer.

It’s important to have a good desk chair because proper ergonomic support is key. Even when people begin returning to the workplace in the new normal after restrictions lift in some states, many experts are saying that employees will continue to work from home more than they did in the past. So getting your home office in top condition should be a priority.

Here’s a roundup of some of the best chairs on the market for remote employees. TechRepublic tried out each of these chairs to review them for our readers.

Hon Ignition chair

Image: Hon

Hon’s lineup of desk chairs are incredibly comfortable to your wallet and your spine. During a week-long test, Hon consistently performed well and was a favorite. The Ignition model is a mid-back design that’s customizable when purchasing with three adjustable back heights, two seat sizes and four arm styles. You can choose a mesh or an upholstered back, and it is available in a range of colors. The lumbar support in the 4-way back is especially comfortable, and there’s an upright tilt lock so the chair is secured in position when you tilt. It’s easy to adjust the height of the chair, as well as the arms. This chair offers all of the benefits of higher-priced models, but at a more reasonable price point.

Steelcase Gesture chair

Image: Steelcase

The Steelcase Gesture chair is comfortable, highly-adjustable, stylish and sturdy. TechRepublic tested a wrapped back model for more than a week and it was a favorite of the reviewer. The chair came fully assembled and was ready to go right out of the box. The controls are intuitive and easy to operate. As with most office chairs you can change the height of the seat, but the Gesture also gives you control over the seat’s position relative to the backrest. Buyers can adjust the backrest tension, changing the force required to recline, as well as locking the backrest into one of four positions from upright to full recline. The movable lumbar support is also a nice touch. The armrests are also fully adjustable. It’s available in a variety of colors and finishes to fit your personal style. This is one of the pricier chairs we tested, but it’s a great addition to any home office.

Branch Ergonomic chair

Image: Branch

If you’re looking for an affordable chair that has a stylish design and is super comfortable, this is your chair. Branch’s signature Ergonomic Chair was designed in Italy and features seven points of adjustment. It comes with double woven mesh for breathability and comfort, and even has a seven-year warranty. It was a complete surprise to have a chair this comfortable at such a reasonable price. This was the lowest price chair we tested, but definitely a strong contender for anyone looking for a great chair for their home office.

Vertagear's Gaming Series Triigger 350

Image: Vertagear

If you’re a gamer but you also want a great desk chair, then opt for Vertagear. The Triigger 350 features more than 350 individual components to create a flexible ergonomic chair for anyone who wants to have the ideal chair for gaming after they’re done with work. It has an adjustable seat depth, a fast trigger height adjustment, a tilt tension adjustment, a trigger recline angle adjust and lock, and multi-directional lumbar support. The chair itself is beautiful with leather accents in red or black, and it’s the perfect crossover chair for work and gaming. Just be forewarned that you will be anxious for the workday to end so you can go straight into gaming mode in this chair.

Humanscale Freedom Headrest

Image: Humanscale

The Humanscale Freedom Headrest chair is well-built, comfortable and would look great in either a home office or executive suite. According to the maker, the chair is designed to provide constant support and automatically adjust to the user as they recline. During our tests, the chair did just that. The chair’s components move together during the reclining process. There’s no manual tension control for the recline, but the process is smooth and the chair provides the right amount of resistance. Buyers can adjust the height and depth of the seat, the height of the backrest, the height of the headrest, and the height of the armrests in tandem. Adjusting the armrests from side to side is an optional feature. The contoured backrest and seat cushion provide support without creating uncomfortable pressure points. This is a premium chair at a premium price, but it’s definitely well worth considering.

Autonomous Kinn Chair

Image: Autonomous

The Autonomous chair tested was the Kinn design. It was the most stylish looking of all the chairs, with a fishbone design on the back that was visible even from the front through the mesh back. It was the most difficult to assemble, but once it was together, it worked great. The manufacturer advertises the chair as offering “advanced TPE material” that “corrects your sitting posture and offers you the healthiest back.” The chair definitely encouraged sitting up straight, but it wasn’t the most comfortable of the chairs tested. The mesh seat of the chair was quite stiff, and felt a bit unforgiving after a long day’s work. On the plus side, it is priced right for a home office and it comes in a range of colors.

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Discover the secrets to IT leadership success with these tips on project management, budgets, and dealing with day-to-day challenges. Delivered Tuesdays and Thursdays