Cloud computing is well established now and everybody knows everything they need to know about it, right?

If that’s not ringing true to you, this list should help. Here are five books on cloud computing that IT leaders should read:

1. Architecting the Cloud: Design Decisions for Cloud Computing Service Models by Michael J. Kavis

If you’re confused by all the service models, this book gives you an in-depth look at the fundamentals of cloud computing to help you figure out which services may be right for you.

SEE: Special report: The art of the hybrid cloud (free PDF) (TechRepublic)

2. Why Buy the Cow? How the On-Demand Revolution Powers the New Knowledge Economy by Subrah S. Iyar with Cindy Gordon

Even at 10 years old, this book by the founders of WebEX can help you overcome your own or co-workers objections to buying over building your own.

3. Cloud Computing: From Beginning to End by Ray J. Rafaels

This books gives an overview of not only technical but the business aspects of cloud computing, with case studies to help you prepare for your own migration.

4. Business in the Cloud: What Every Business Needs to Know About Cloud Computing by Michael H. Hugos and Derek Hulitzky

How does your business strategy change once you’re in the cloud? This book covers that, as well as broader implications on things like organizational structure.

5. Cloud Computing: Concepts, Technology and Architecture by Thomas Erl, Zaigham Mahmood, and Ricardo Puttini.

What tools do you need to run things in the cloud? You’ll get some specific advice in this one.

Now you can get your head out of the clouds, and put your data and computing there instead!

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