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In the past, a high salary, good benefits or room for advancement would have been one of the key deciding factors when choosing the right job and right employer. While those items remain important, another factor has come to the forefront: work-life balance. Perhaps because of the pandemic, more people seem to realize that a happy and healthy life strikes a balance between personal as well as professional needs and goals.

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In a recent survey from company review site Glassdoor, 71% of employees cited work-life balance as an important factor when searching for jobs and companies. In comments offered by employees, the phrase “mental health” jumped by 91% from 2019 to 2022, while the word “burnout” rose by 41% over the same period.

Top 10 U.S. companies for work-life balance

Finding a job and employer that stresses a proper work-life balance can be challenging. To help job seekers in this search, Glassdoor has compiled a list of the top 10 companies in the U.S. that have earned the highest marks for this type of balance. Assigning a score based on a 5-point scale, the rankings are based on responses to questions collected from existing U.S. employees over the past two years.


With a 4.7 average work-life balance score, online storage provider Dropbox elicited positive responses from many employees. Those who provided feedback shared such comments as “a very empathetic work-life balance,” “the culture supports work-life balance and the importance of family,” “managers are invested in your work-life balance” and “unlimited paid time off with resources to help you unplug from work.” Others touted the ability to remotely work from home as well as flexible working hours.

SailPoint Technologies

Also graded 4.7 out of 5, enterprise security company SailPoint Technologies earned accolades not just for its focus on employee work-life balance but for its commitment to mental well-being and attention to career and personal growth.

Among the responses were such comments as “excellent work-life balance, especially for working parents,” “freedom to get your job done and enjoy work-life balance” and “the work-life balance is just perfect, and I have to say some of the best leaders I have ever worked with.” A few people also pointed out the ability to work from home and a flexible schedule.


Another business with a grade of 4.7, Asana sells products designed to help people better manage their work. Commenting on the company’s focus on work-life balance, several employees offered specific examples, such as “extremely mindful leadership decisions,” “no expectation of working nights or weekends,” “lot of support available at Asana which helps promote wellbeing and a healthy work-life balance” and “Asana’s head of People, Anna Binder, is a vocal advocate for employee wellbeing.” Some employees noted that working from home was an option available during the pandemic but seems more limited now.


Another online storage provider with a 4.7 grade, Box was praised for its respect toward a work-life balance, good culture and great management. “Work-life balance is a priority for most managers and flexible working isn’t uncommon,” noted one employee. “Good work-life balance and leadership really seems to care about teams’ wellbeing,” said another. As part of this balance, Box provides flexible work hours and mental health resources. “Box knows employees are people too and enables you to balance home and work-life with flex hours, remote work, great mental health benefits, lots of community activities and more” one employee commented.


Earning a 4.7 grade, Atlassian is an Australian software firm that makes products for software developers and project managers and houses its U.S. headquarters in San Francisco. The work-life balance FAQ elicited more than 240 comments from current employees. A recent comment summed up the feedback: “Truly remote first, encourages a healthy work-life balance, generous unlimited time off that is not tracked and highly supported, amazing benefits, inclusive culture, employee first culture rooted in trust, open and transparent company, supported in every way down to the fitness reimbursement, home office stipend, and tech equipment like MacBook Pros.” However, some employees did say that the environment can be fast paced and very busy at times.


With a grade of 4.6, MathWorks is a developer of mathematical and modeling applications that also generated a large number of responses related to work-life balance. “Great work-life balance, training and development, benefits, room to grow,” said one employee. “Free breakfast once a week; AMAZING work-life balance,” said another. “Salary not as competitive as other top tech companies, but worth it for the work-life balance,” noted a third person. Working from home has been an option during the pandemic, though some employees said the policy could stand improvement.

Zeigler Auto Group

Scoring a 4.6 grade, car dealership Zeigler Auto Group received positive remarks for its work-life balance with such comments as “Zeigler Auto Group excels in work-life balance” and “communication, culture and work-life balance makes Zeigler Auto Group hands down the best company to work for.” Several employees did say that the hours can be long, but that seems to be the case with most auto dealerships. “Long hours and working holidays, but that’s a con at any dealership setting,” said one person. “You work long hours, but with a great atmosphere; it is worth it,” said another.

Cornerstone Home Lending

Earning a 4.6 grade, Cornerstone Home Lending is a mortgage provider that values work-life balance, according to most of the comments. “Great culture, awesome perks, leadership that actually cares about you as a person,” said one employee. “It shows in flexibility, work-life balance, fun incentive programs and more,” said another. “It can be long hours, but generally managers are willing to work with employees to manage workload,” said a third. The company also received positive responses over its work from home policy.

eXp Realty

As a cloud-based real estate broker, eXp Realty garnered a 4.6 grade for work-life balance. Employees commented positively about the benefits, the flexible paid time off, the ability to work from home, and the opportunities for both personal and career development. “Life balance supported by smart use of technology, leadership that truly cares about their people, generous compensation and growth opportunities, fun and unique company perks and benefits,” noted one person. However, a few employees said that the hours can be long.


Finally, medication management provider CoverMyMeds took home a score of 4.5 with such comments as “very good benefits, flexible PTO, values work-life balance,” one employee noted. “Fair pay, wonderful work-life balance, plenty of room for growth,” and “life balance is important to CMM, and it is shown through their flexible work environment” were two more pieces of praise. Others praised the work from home policy. “Flexible work environment (WFH or in office, you choose),” said one employee. “Quick to respond to the WFH transition during the pandemic,” said another.

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