Inefficiencies comprise more than 50 percent of the total
service delivery costs in IT—a scary statistic to say the least.

The pressure is on many IT Managers to stretch existing
investment dollars while simultaneously enhancing service delivery and improving
IT responsiveness to the rest of the company. What can be done to transform IT
from a cost center to a value center? Here are some resources to consider as
you build or rebuild your infrastructure’s foundation.

Some resources

a flexible storage infrastructure as you optimize your enterprise and reduce

This white paper talks about a new storage networking
infrastructure platform that allows you to securely consolidate your
infrastructure, while reducing costs, better utilizing resources, and
simplifying management.

operational efficiency through end-user management
(Mercury – vendor registration required)

While point products address a portion of the corporate
management challenge, they fail to give the organization the insight it needs
to identify, isolate, and solve problems and make effective business decisions.
This white paper covers a solution that helps companies monitor the end user
experience, and ultimately bring a business perspective to it.

comprehensive approach to optimizing IT service delivery

This white paper discusses the cost savings associated with
standardizing IT service delivery into a single facing, automated solution.