You have Access query results that you would like to publish
as an HTML page over your intranet so your employees can access the data from
their browsers. You could export the query to an HTML file, but then you
realize that the columns of data are too hard to read. For your own department,
you have created a read-only form that the employees use to navigate the query
results, where you’ve changed the field names to more meaningful captions. To
export the datasheet view of the form to an HTML page, follow these steps:

  1. In the
    Database Window, click the Form Object button.
  2. Right-click
    the form you created from the query.
  3. Select
    HTML Documents from the Save As Type drop-down
  4. Click
    Export All.
  5. Click
    OK to accept the default HTML template.

Note the HTML page created includes a header row with field
names (including the changed labels). It also formats the fields as formatted
in the form, making it much easier to read than an HTML document created from
the query datasheet view.

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