If you’re a technical professional who is on the run there is an easy way to store and play your favourite MP3 files using Google’s free Gmail e-mail service. Using this short tutorial I’ll show you how you can have an online jukebox that you can log into from just about any computer and listen to your music collection.

Important note:Like a lot of technology this can be used for good or evil. You should only store and transfer music that you know you have the rights to. If you are not sure check with your local laws and license of the music you have bought before undertaking the tutorial below.

Step 1
Get a free Gmail account at http://www.gmail.com

Step 2
Install the Firefox Web browser. If you have it installed proceed to the next step.

Step 3
Install a Firefox add-on called GSpace at https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/1593/

Step 4
Restart Firefox, click on tools>GSpace and it should look like the following screenshot:

Step 4
Log in to your Gmail account on GSpace and it should look like the screenshot below. Drag and drop mp3 files from your local computer to the Gmail folder.

Step 5
View Player mode and start playing songs you’ve uploaded

Step 6
To make it easy log into your Gmail account and use labels to break the content up into artists, genres, or any other organisation scheme you’d like to use.