Outlook’s email window has the potential to terrorize you if it gets out of control. For moving around in this window, I rely on two keyboard shortcuts. There are other ways to complete these tasks – there’s usually more than one way to do everything in Office – but these two shortcuts keep me moving in Outlook’s email window.

[Ctrl]+[Shift]+v: This shortcut opens the Move Item dialog so you can move the selected message to another folder. Use your arrow keys or type letters to move through the folder hierarchy. Once you select the appropriate folder, press [Enter] to move the selected message to the selected folder in the Move Item dialog box.  For example, below, I’m moving a message from the Inbox to the Newsletters folder. (You can also drag a drop a message into a folder.)

[Ctrl]+y: Use this shortcut to open another folder. When you press this combo, Outlook displays the Go To Folder dialog. Use your arrow keys or enter letters to move through the list of folders. To expand a folder to see its subfolders, use the right arrow key. Press [Enter] to move to the selected folder.

For a comprehensive list of Outlook keyboard shortcuts, read Keyboard shortcuts for Outlook.

What are your favorite keyboard shortcuts for organizing email?