QR Code Chimp application on iPhone and a book.
Image: StackCommerce

Are you looking for an affordable yet effective way to boost your company’s marketing efforts, easily engage with consumers, as well as track sales and conversions? Then you should consider using QR Code Chimp to design customized Static and Dynamic QR Codes.

You’ll be able to choose from pre-designed QR codes or customize your own with unique images, business logos, CTAs, symbols, stickers, shapes and colors, and you can even design exciting 3D QR codes. Put QR codes on your websites, social media, forms, apps and more. Create amazing landing pages and vCard Plus with beautiful, professional-looking designs.

Advanced tools make it so easy for you to design and manage QRs. The domains you use can be customized with white labeling, or you can use your own landing page URLs and short URLs.

With QR Code Chimp’s Pro Plan, you’ll get a total of two main and sub accounts with an unlimited number of static QR codes, 300 dynamic QR codes and 150,000 scans per month. You’ll have the capability for bulk uploading QRs via Excel and bulk downloads via zip and PDF, with a maximum download resolution of 4096×4096.

Advanced analytics are included as well, and you’ll receive them daily by email. You can track scans with their time, location, OS, device and browser. Download your analytics in Excel or integrate them with Google Analytics. Naturally, you will also have access to Priority email support.

Now you can cost-effectively fulfill all of your marketing and business needs for custom QR codes. Get a 2-Year Subscription to QR Code Chimp Pro today while it’s only $99, a 70% discount off the regular $335 subscription price.

Prices and availability are subject to change.