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Most of us feel like we’re making up for lost time after an extended pandemic prevented ordinary summer travels. If you’re gearing up for vacations abroad at the end of summer, you might be a little out of practice in remembering all you need to do. From checking Visa requirements, to getting your packing list just right, to making sure you know all of the time zones that you’ll be traveling in, there’s a lot to consider when you’re traveling abroad.

One crucially important thing many people overlook, however, is power. Different parts of the world use different outlets and sources of power, but with the World Traveler+ Fast Charging USB-A/USB-C Universal Travel Adapter, you won’t have to worry about it.

This all-in-one compact adapter is the last one you’ll need no matter where you’re going. It features a fast charging USB Type-C port and three fast charging USB-A ports as well as a universal adapter design that works in more than 150 countries. You’ll be able to charge up to four devices simultaneously from a single brick in virtually every country. Plus, it offers built-in overload protection to keep your devices completely safe when you’re charging.

It’s easy to forget things when you’re traveling abroad. But with the World Traveler+ Fast Charging USB-A/USB-C Universal Travel Adapter, you’ll never have to worry about how you’re going to charge your devices while traveling again. Get one today for just $49.99, and spare yourself the anxiety of being abroad without an easy way to charge your most essential devices for work and socializing.

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