Getting around a large worksheet can be a pain. Scrolling is, at best, just a good way to get lost. Excel’s GoTo feature (F5) is the answer. Simply press F5 to select any cell or range in the worksheet. It works great and most users learn about it early in their training.

The problem is getting back. If you think cruising around a worksheet without GoTo power is tedious, imagine trying to get back. GoTo doesn’t even leave breadcrumbs to follow!

Fortunately, GoTo won’t leave you stranded if you know the right buttons to push. GoTo remembers where you were before you transported across worksheet space. To get back, simply press F5 and then Enter.

An easy example is in order:

  1. Select any cell in an Excel worksheet — A1 is fine.
  2. Press F5 and enter a cell far, far away, such as Z572, in the Reference control. If the worksheet has named ranges, choose one of those. The feature will work either way. Click OK, and Excel highlights the specified cell or selected range.
  3. When you’re ready to return to the starting cell, press F5 and then click OK. Excel returns you to the cell selected (A1) before you made your GoTo jump.

Just remember that this is a one-time hop — the feature remembers only the last GoTo sequence.