Sysadmins skilled in managing Linux-based systems are earning six-figure salaries, according to an analysis of job postings by careers site Dice.

The new figures show employers are typically willing to pay upwards of $100,000 for roles ranging from Linux systems engineer to DevOps engineer.

Sourcing Linux-based skills has been a priority for employers for some time, with last year both The Linux Foundation and Dice’s 2018 Open Source Jobs Report highlighting that 87 percent of hiring managers were having trouble finding open-source talent, and securing these skills was a priority for 83 percent of employers.

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The continued high demand for Linux admins isn’t surprising, Linux-based operating systems are estimated to be used on the bulk of physical servers and virtual machines running on major public cloud platforms, with even a sizeable presence on Microsoft’s Azure platform.

The need to look after such systems isn’t likely to diminish, with Linux-based operating systems finding uses in new areas, such as the Automotive Grade Linux distro used in many modern cars.

That said, while the generous salaries suggest demand is still outstripping skills, Dice’s own skills page for Linux and systems engineering shows their popularity falling in 2018.

Learning how to manage a Linux-based system has never been easier, with the the Linux Foundation last year saying that one million people had taken an online course it had made available in partnership with edX.

TechRepublic’s Jack Wallen also has an extensive series of Linux-related guides and How Tos, from how to retrieve information about the machine you’re running to essential command-line apps.

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These are five of the highest paid tech jobs seeking skills managing Linux-based systems, according to Dice

1. DevOps Engineer – $121,406

2. Linux System Engineer – $115,405

3. Linux Engineer – $112,583

4. Systems Engineer – $106,331

5. Linux System Administrator – $96,844