Some 60% of IT security professionals are looking to quit their current jobs, according to a Wednesday press release from tech recruiting company, Mondo. The main reasons cited by the IT pros who wanted to leave were job dissatisfaction and the lack of growth opportunities within their companies, said the release.

The survey gathered data from more than 9,000 IT security professionals and decision-makers in the enterprise, said the release. This survey could give businesses better insight into how to retain and support their current tech talent.

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Other top reasons for employees looking to quit include unhealthy work environments (53%), absence of IT security prioritization from executives or upper management (46%), unclear job expectations (37%), and lack of mentorship (30%), said the release.

Buy-in from upper management is crucial for security efforts, since only 38% of CEOs are really engaged in cybersecurity. This low engagement percentage is proof that executives don’t prioritize cybersecurity as much as other factors of business, which further validates the dissatisfaction IT professionals are feeling.

“In 2018, IT security experts are some of the most in-demand IT professionals given the increased risk of cyberattacks, making it a candidate-driven market,” said Tim Johnson, CEO of Mondo, in the release. “Because of the extremely competitive job market and the current talent shortage, it’s important for employers to be aware of the specific needs of these professionals to help attract and retain them.”

In order to retain their IT security experts, companies must consider providing better incentives or benefits to employees. Some of the most-cited examples are a better work-life balance (67%), taking their security concerns seriously (55%), and offering more certifications/courses (48%), according to the release.

As for job satisfaction, respondents wanted an increased investment in new tech (34%), as well as CISO leadership or defined ownership of security needs (31%), added the release.

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The big takeaways for tech leaders:

  • 60% of IT security professionals are looking to leave their jobs because of poor growth opportunities and job satisfaction. — Mondo, 2018
  • If companies want to retain workers, then they need to provide incentives like creating a better work-life balance and investing in more certifications and courses for employees. — Mondo, 2018