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By angelazappo ·
How do you calculate the number of licenses required - note: im using a windows 98 operating system.

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by carollong In reply to ?

Number of licences for what? The question doesn't say.

Depends on the software and how you have the PCs set up! You'll have to work it out. These will help.

You will need one licence of the operating system for every machine. If the machine started out as Win95 and you have upgraded, you will need the original Win95 licence shipped with the PC and the Win98 upgade you bought. (if it was Win 3.11, went to Win95 and is now Win98, you probably need all 3 licences but you will need to check what you bought. I'm told there was a Win 3.11 to Win 98 licence.)

Application software:
You will need to read the licences. The upgrade thing applies as well: if you buy an upgrade you still need the licences for the installed software you have upgraded.

If the PCs are not networked, you probably need a separate licence for every machine you install the application on.

If the PCs are networked:
You need to make sure your network software has a licence for enough users for the network.
Some application software for networks allows a "per user" licence - you only pay for the maximum number of users using the software at one time. Check what the licence says. If you have 10 machines and a 4 user licence - you must be able to prove only 4 are logged on at any time. Some application software will do that for you, for others you may need to buy metering software. The alternative is to pay for enough to cover your maximum number of PCs - this can work out expensive, which is why metering software happened.

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