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formatting hard disk with 2 partitions

By murphy.martin ·
help!! I need to format a 6gb hard disk,at the moment it has 2 partitions 2gb + 4 gb. The 2gb is the primary, the 4gb is the ext dos drive, i have tried deleting the primary and then the extended drive but this has not worked. i am new to this can anybody help me.

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by XiaXiong In reply to formatting hard disk wi ...

It would be good to know what file system you are trying to use and what utility you are using. From this I would guess you may be trying to create a fat16 partition, which is limited to 2GB or so. (I am assuming you're working with Windows 9x) In this case you will need a utility that supports fat32 (such as the Windows 98 version of Fdisk) and make sure you choose to enable large drive support. Early (all?) revs of Windows 95 will only support fat16 and won't allow you to format a partition over the 2GB limit.

Hope this helps...

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Make active aprtition

by ortizg In reply to

in fdisk select your partition of 2 gb and make active, this is common cause for non boot

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RE:Hard Disk with 2 partitions

by Bill Cromwell In reply to formatting hard disk wi ...

I have to assume you are running some flavor of Microsoft OS. I think you are asking how to get back to just one drive of 6 GBytes. You will have to use fdisk to delete both partitions, then create one primary partition. Then you have to reboot and finally format the drive.... now 6 GBytes.

You could format the 2G and the 4G as-is and get "two drives", probably c: and d:.

After all of that I hope we are not discussing your Linux computer!

What OS are you using? There might be some other options to consider.


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Hard Disk with 2 partitions

by pjwa In reply to RE:Hard Disk with 2 parti ...

I think that you could use partition magic 6.0

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Use fdisk

by dnevans In reply to formatting hard disk wi ...

You've got to use fdisk and you must delete the logical DOS drive first, then the extended DOS drive before deleting the primary DOS partition.

Hope this helps

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look into this

by an In reply to Use fdisk

If you do have a maxtor hard drive or any other sort. try going to the manufcaturer's website or even try microsoft. For a hard drive so small, there are downloads which will help you in the install process. In your case, the problem remains in the FAT32 files. Check and you will find on the site a download which will help you install your OS, format, ect, with it. Good luck!!

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best getting hold of partition discs

by degobar In reply to formatting hard disk wi ...

oh i had this one...time and time best idea is to grab hold of a partition utility piece of partition magic..this software SHOULD be in your tool kit, asi thas useful tools such as boot magic, and all other goodies that will sort you out..

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Partition Magic not necessary

by The Chalky In reply to best getting hold of part ...

If the OS is W9x, Fdisk is more than capable of partitioning. It is easier (and cheaper) to spend some time learning about Fdisk than learning about 3rd party software.

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by cybertech In reply to best getting hold of part ...

If you use delpart from Dos or available from the web by searching. It will remove all the partitions easily. If you use Fdisk you need to do it in 3 steps: 1) delete all the logical drives 2) delete the extended partition and 3) delete the primary partition & reboot.

I usually use delpart as it is quick and easy and then create a new primary partition using fdisk.

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formatting hard disk with 2 partitions

by nmesisca In reply to formatting hard disk wi ...

hi Martin,
first boot with a DOS boot diskette with fdisk.exe on it. Then run fdisk, and delete the logical units inside the extended partition. then delete the primary partition. Reboot with the floppy disk again, then run fdisk.exe, and create the primary partition as big as you wish. Hope this helps.

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