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    AirPods only play one at a time

    by drewjury5 ·

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    My friend came across a pair of AirPods that were in a case with the light on the inside, but the case was assembled in Vietnam. I can’t identify the case number. However, they lost the right one, and I decided to buy them a replacement. I assumed that it was first generation due to the case, however they were second generation AirPods in a supposed first generation case. I then switched out the replacement for a second generation right airpod (A2032). Looking at the model number of the Airpods, they identify as A2031, so I thought it would work. The case paired the two together and they connect as a set. The audio works perfectly fine on both Airpods, and the charging status always works on the iPhone. However, only one Airpod will play sound at a time, and it’s inconsistent as to which one plays. I have contacted Apple support, but they don’t know what to do. I wonder if I should buy a replacement 2nd Generation case, as the mismatched case may cause synchronization issues between the two buds. Anyone know what to do?

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      Reply To: AirPods only play one at a time

      by birdmantd ·

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      I am fairly certain that is part of their design, the individual Air pods are designated to work together as a pair out of the box and not easily paired with others. In other words, if you lose one headset, the other one will not work/pair properly. Apple, along with most manufacturers, would prefer that you buy a new pair of headsets instead. You could try to contact Apple directly, but no promises.

      Think about it this way, if you were using a pair of Air pods and somebody with another pair walked by you, would you want their audio signal to interfere with yours?

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        Reply To: AirPods only play one at a time

        by drewjury5 ·

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        I see what you’re saying, but then what would be the point of all these third party manufacturers selling replacements? And people make this work all the time, my situation just isn’t working correctly. I do believe all the parts are compatible.

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      AirPods only play one at a time

      by digitilizeweb ·

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      You appear to have experienced some compatibility problems; here are some recommendations:

      Update the software and reset the AirPods
      Clean the case and AirPods.
      Use the AirPods with a different device if you can.
      Think about purchasing a replacement case.

      In the event that none of these measures succeed in fixing the problem, it would be advisable to contact Apple Support once more or go to an authorized Apple service location for more help. They would be able to offer detailed troubleshooting instructions or potential remedies for your unique problem because they have more specialized knowledge.

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