Gateway, MPC dissolved. How are you handling support issues?

By dinotech ·
I would like to know from those of you in the support industry on how you have handled issues with supporting Gateway desktops since MPC is no longer in business. We have several desktops that require warranty maintenance.

If you have experience with this issue:

1. Have you found an alternative vendor to warrant the computers?

2. What motherboards have worked well in replacing the ECS motherboards being used in the 4000 and 6000 series?

3. Are you in the process of writing off the Gateways and just purchasing new equipment?

Any other information would be helpful...thanks.

Edit: I've already been to the MPC site, and the support form is bounced back. Phone number disconnected.


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Maybe check back after bankruptcy proceedings.

by seanferd In reply to Been there...done that

If you can find out the current state of the proceedings from United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware or one of MPC's retained representatives, you might know when to expect a possible announcement regarding continuation of support.

You may also be able to find out if provisions are being made for support from any available public records. (Yeah, light reading, I know.)

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MPC states they will honor School District's Warranty

by jlogan In reply to Maybe check back after ba ...

Supposedly Dr. Glodt of the Pierre School District was informed that MPC indicated the warranty purchased by the school district [for tablet PC's] will be honored despite the bankruptcy proceedings.
Here is the link dated nov 2008:

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Maybe they complained the loudest.

by seanferd In reply to MPC states they will hono ...

I guess everyone else is just supposed to eat it? I hope not.

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Reported Gateway & MPC

by jsaul In reply to Gateway, MPC dissolved. ...

I have reported Gateway and MPC to their local BBBs and reported MPC to the Idaho Attorney General. The BBB complaints have gone no where. The BBB will not even address complaints with businesses that are out of business. Gateway just insists that the warranties were sold to MPC and it's out of thier hands. I am telling everyone I know not to buy Gateway or Acer. Acer bought Gateway, but is still selling GW models. We are basically screwed.

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by unhappyuser In reply to Reported Gateway & MPC

Any Gateway unit that was transferred to MPC has lost it's warranty. We bought two laptops in July of last year and now just hope they never need anything replaced. See my other post, titled Suppliers, if you do need parts.

Acer is keeping it's distance as I'm sure they see this as a losing option for them. In the long run I think they will lose customers and sales.


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by unhappyuser In reply to Gateway, MPC dissolved. ...

#1: We're using Sterling Computers and Mundo Corp. There are no warranties because of the bankruptcy.

Chris Pulscher
(877) 242-4074 x4007

#2 We haven't had to replace any (and hopefully won't).

#3 Because of downsizing we have several spares so we're fine for now. We will, however, have to look for a new vendor in about 18 months.


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Thank you ED

by dinotech In reply to Suppliers

Thats good information. To all, thank you for replying to my request for information. Since the group I work with is a state agency, there are certain rules that have to be met to use suppliers, but I will forward this information on.

Ed, I'll keep you aprised of how we are doing on the replacements and any other information.

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MPC Warranty

by lbarker In reply to Thank you ED

I have 3 computers still under warranty with MPC that have bad monitors. I think the profile 5 & 5.5 overheat and cause the monitors to die an early death. I am annoyed that we paid money for an extended worthless warranty. In the meantime I need to get these computers repaired. Does anyone have experience with a company willing to do the repairs?

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See previous post

by unhappyuser In reply to MPC Warranty

See my post titled Suppliers.


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MPC and Gateway Pro Support is back online

by xodusss In reply to Gateway, MPC dissolved. ...

After the closure of MPC and the loss of support to MPC and Gateway Pro end-users worldwide, a new support group and website was formed.
The new support site is at All of the units supported on the original site are available.
The site has downloads for all drivers, chipsets, bios, network, video, owners manuals, peripheral information, and service manuals for Gateway notebooks.
This site works in conjunction with the tech support forum at

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