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Has anyone had any dealings with MyScreen Innovation?

By MelanieKing56 ·
Curious if anyone has had any dealings with MyScreen innovation. They sell a device that adds 2 additional screens to your laptop. I'm an author and use my MacBook for my writing, and the extra screens would be extremely helpful. However, I ordered my device on Dec 14th and have yet to receive it (Jan 28, 2021). (link removed by moderator) I only ordered it because the price was slashed. I never would have had it been full price, then over $100 USD.
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Did you order this using your credit card ??

by birdmantd Moderator In reply to Has anyone had any dealin ...

Hopefully you did and if so, file a dispute with your credit card. The seller would have to either provide a refund or the product that you ordered. I used to work for a credit card processing center and dealt with these types of issues from time to time. I agree that the delay from when you ordered it and today's result is unacceptable. Personally, I would request a full refund and to look for a different product.

I am hoping you have some paper trail from when you started the order up until today. You will want to have some list of who and when you talked to as well as what was promised. If you did not process using a credit card, I suggest to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

I wish you the best and please let us know what happens. Hopefully they will refund your money without any further hassles.

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by natalinep In reply to Has anyone had any dealin ...

It's a scam. I purchased in December (I believe it was later than you ordered, after the 20th), never got the product, and never heard back after contacting them via email and Facebook. Their Facebook page has now disappeared, though their website still seems to be up. Still in the process of disputing the transaction with my credit card company.

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Ordered but not received

by jimix5 In reply to Has anyone had any dealin ...

I ordered one around the same date. Not arrived despite the initial order and despatch emails. All attempts to contact company have gone unanswered. So I have started a charge back through my credit card company.

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