How to combine 2 wireless routers on one home network? (2Wire & D-Link)

By mustafa_ma ·
Hi everyone, nice to have a forum dedicated to wireless technology

I have a nice robust 2Wire 1800HG Wireless DSL router that i have successfully setup at my home. I have it located on the second floor living room, and have been enjoying wireless broadband internet for almost a year with my laptop.

Now, i have a PC in my room that i want to connect, but i can't be bothered to buy a wifi adapter. I do have a D-Link DI-624 Wireless router that's laying around unused, and thought to myself "...hmm, that can be an adapter can it?...".

Tech setup is as follows :

2Wire DSL
IP: subnet
DHCP enabled with range from to
WEP: 1234

Now, i realise the tricky part is how to setup the DI-624 as an ACCESS POINT when all setup on the firmware is actually for a router.

I tried to setup the DI-624 as follows:

D-LINK setup#1
IP: subnet
DHCP disabled
SSI BOGUS (same as 2Wire)
WEP: 1234 (also same as 2Wire)
Static PC IP: subnet gateway

The way i test is that once i can ping under the command prompt to the 2Wire router, then it works. Unfortunately, it didn't.

I also tried the setting as follows:

D-LINK setup#2
IP: subnet (should be the same as above, but what the hey...)
DHCP disabled
SSI BOGUS (same as 2Wire)
WEP: 1234 (also same as 2Wire)
Static PC IP: subnet gateway

I even tried to put the gateway as the 2Wire IP ( but still to no avail.

My questions are:

1. Is there any other setup i can try other than the above? i might not get the IP's and gateways right.
2. In order to have two wireless routers working on the same network, i assume that all wireless settings (SSID, channel, even WEP key) needs to be the same. Is this assumption correct?
3. Both routers have the latest OFFICIAL firmware. Is there any "custom" firmware available that can trick the DI-624 into believeing it's an Access Point?
4. Am i doing EVERYTHING wrong? (in which case i plead to the members of this forum to PLEASE help me hehehe)

I know the easiest way is to connect a hardwire from the 2Wire router (regular LAN port i assume) to the DI-624 router (WAN port with dynamic IP setting for WAN i assume), then i can easily setup a completely new network for the DI-624 and get internet successfully. But i'm very VERY curious to make this work.

If i can pull this off, i have another wireless router just aching to be setup on the first floor. That'll boost up the signal to every corner of my house!

Appreciate the support that anyone can offer.

Sincerely, Moose.

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Reponse To Answer

by JonahElijah In reply to another 2 wireless router ...

Just like that! Gee, mister or ma'am, you must be psychic or something!
It's wonderful to meet a clairvoyant, you know. Can you tell me what I'm thinking right about now?
Also, while it must be lovely for you to breathe the rarified air of a position with a budget where a price difference of 30-40 dollars is "roughly the same price range" however, it should be pointed out that the last three steady jobs I had only paid $30 a day, and for some reason, perhaps realizing that substantially more than three quarters of the people in the World make a lot less, I felt lucky to have even that.
But congratulations on being in a position where you can not only consider it to be "chump change" but you can make snotty comments about people who don't consider it "chump change".

Before continuing this lightly covered Political Rant, I should also point out that all three devices, the Belkin, the Linksys and the Motorola (the one provided by Qwest) advertise the exact range of utility we've described ie, to be used as BOTH an AP and a router. They even mention in their rather limited documentation .pdf files provided on the "Setup" CDs that they can be used as both APs and Routers.
Also that those of us who have asked for clarification actually do intend to use them to create a subnet.

Back to the political rant, more than half the people of the world, oh, did I lower the number from 3/4? would probably make up a gigantic market of consumers providing that the products were at a more reasonable price. Such as the Used Parts market. I've seen many USED devices including dedicated AP devices selling for under ten dollars USD at thrift stores. My landlady, from whom I sublet, bought into the notion that a New, Improved device would have a better chance of working.

Now, I realize that when you make your elitist comments that you have no idea as to whom you are speaking/writing. That perhaps the people to whom you direct your scorn might be a disabled ex-construction worker and a VietNam War Widow both living on pensions.That wouldn't excuse rudeness because you also have no way to know that the people you so address aren't, and would instead be in that rarified air where they COULD easily afford the difference in price.

Further if the Belkin, Cisco (who bought LinkSys) and Motorola companies are going to advertise that functionality perhaps a really good business investment for them would be to tell the people HOW to get that advertised "more bang for the buck".

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What you need to do is check for Wireless Distribution Support (WDS)

by Charles Bundy In reply to How to combine 2 wireless ...

on the two routers. I googled and pretty sure neither of the devices you listed support WDS. Read more here -

You could check DD-WRT or Tomato and see if there is a router firmware replacement for the D-Link/2Wire. I know DD-WRT supports WDS.

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