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How to know if the Motherboard is defective

By spit01 ·
Hi, Im a hardware. Though we know how to troubleshoot a pc hardware, can you give some idea how to know if a motherboard is the problem in a short way to reduce time troubleshooting? tnx and more power.:)

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by fungus-among-us In reply to How to know if the Mother ...

The surest way I can determine if the motherboard is bad is to install (known good) basic components and see if the system will fire up.

Basic setup for testing:

Video(Card) & Monitor
Power Supply

Many motherboard these days also come with some form of self diagnostics built right in (in addition to the BIOS beep codes). Either with LEDs, or on screen codes, I've even run across a motherboard that will "talk".

Good Luck

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by TheChas In reply to How to know if the Mother ...

A known good CPU and a POST card should be all that you need to verify a motherboard.

Use a good power supply tester to check the system power supply prior to installing your known good CPU.


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by zlitocook In reply to How to know if the Mother ...

I use whats called a post card, it is a PCI card that you put in befor you boot up. It give ether a LED or number combo that tells you where the post starts and stops. If I get nothing after regular trouble shooting, reset the bios, new memory, good power supply,flash the BIOS ect. And the card gets nothing, I pitch the main board.

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by joe_kim_mikey In reply to How to know if the Mother ...

To start... If you go to microsoft downloads they have a free hardware tester that you put on a floppy takes 2 min to test all internal hardware... Also find the program (Check It) That is also one of the best ones to test CPU,RAM,HARD DRIVES,VIDEO...And almost everything(EXCELENT) on both...Please let me know if this help you or anybody else...Joe

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Microsoft download, "Free Hardware Tester"

by wahorton In reply to

Free is exactly what I need; searched hi and low could not locate. Do you by chance recall the link address?

Dub Ya

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by vinitogupta In reply to How to know if the Mother ...

According to me the best way is to just spend some money about $15 to $20 on one product namely Diagnostic Card, it will do all the pin point diagnosis and i think u can even fix ur problems too.
Check the product at this link
this is really a good stuff.

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motherboard diagnostic card

by harshadpatel26 In reply to How to know if the Mother ...

Simple way to find out dead motherboard
use motherboard diagnostic card that's
available in market 2or4 digit
diagnostic card will show you post code
of routine testing motherboard

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