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How to reset HIGH definition list on a 30 inch Apple Cinema display?

By OriginalToeKnee ·
I have a 2005 30 inch Apple Cinema Display with a G5, I have used it on and off since 2005, bought it new. About 4 years ago, I was editing a photo and had my definition set at 2560x1600... but I hit a keyboard key, or maybe it was after the G5 froze while editing a huge file; When I rebooted, I noticed my screen resolution was less than I had set from the beginning of use. I went to display options and all those high definition choices were gone! No matter what I try, I cannot find the full list of choices for resolutions that I originally saw when I first bought the display, which I used all these years!. Now I want to beef up the G5 and create more fine art photoshopped output, which I cannot do satisfactorily without the higher resolutions! So...what happened? I don't have a clue... It seemed that one day, while I was typing on the keyboard, I noticed the screen resolution change right in the middle of that... since then, the options have disappeared? Any help? I must have mistakenly misspelled a word that was a display shortcut perhaps? Whatever it was, I accidentally reset this display and eliminated the options for setting it back. I remember a long list of options when I first bought this, and always saw those displayed whenever I looked over the years...NOW; just a shortlist is offered, and all of them lousy definition, really unusable for my purposes... At the highest setting I am only getting 1280x480 NOW... totally sucks... I want the 2560x1600 back! I am going nuts since I lost the clarity this display can deliver. Please ask anyone you know who might know how to get this display to perform to the highest level! Nothing broken... it's a set-up issue...but I need to trick.
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Can't help but wonder if,

by mrmacfixit Moderator In reply to How to reset HIGH definit ...

your Graphics card took a nose dive during the G5 freeze that you mentioned.
Open up the G5, and, if possible, reseat the graphics card. (Technical term for unplugging and replugging :-) )
That may account for the lack of resolution choices.
The display is a little long in the tooth, 16 years, so I would not be too surprising if something happened to it.

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by appltech In reply to How to reset HIGH definit ...

Try resetting PRAM, it stores many settings, screen resolution included. Some settings might have been "lost", especially after a glitch (you mentioned your Mac "froze" once).
Read this beautiful little article with further explanations:

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