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London Bombed

By Fonken Monken UK ·

This is not good. The only good thing, it wasn't yesteday, but if you've not heard, bombs have gone off in the City, on the tube and on bus routes. Unknown cause at this time, but this is REALLY bad.

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London is such an easy target

by neilb@uk In reply to London Bombed

but, so far, it looks like it could have been a lot worse if it was just a half-hour earlier, for instance.

The entire underground and all Central London bus routes are suspended.

Seems we're up to at least six blasts and "many casualties" and "two dead" now but the police say its "coming under control". It's all very quiet outside my window - very few tourists as I suspect they're indoors - and very little vehicle traffic.

Al Qaeda are being blamed but it is the first day of G8 so, for me, the jury is still out.

Please excuse the typos as I'm under my desk at the moment...


p.s. I'm 10ft from a floor-to-ceiling picture window so I will get a good look at anything close - just a short one!

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The one reason France should have won

by gadgetgirl In reply to London is such an easy ta ...

- cos the bombs would have gone off in Paris, I think.

Typical. We win the bid for the Olympics, the whole country is euphoric (for the most part)for the first time in ages, and Al bloody Qaeda goes and bursts the bubble. X-(

(Was in contact with Neil as soon as I heard, as far as I'm aware he could be under that desk all night, they've advised Londoners to stop travelling!)

oh - and I'm at the other end of the country, just below Scotland, so I just hope the bombers and protesters don't meet up anywhere in my area!!!

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You're in danger too!

by Dr Dij In reply to The one reason France sho ...

I hear there's some reckless fellow on a bike running bobbies over!

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well, that one's missed me!

by gadgetgirl In reply to You're in danger too!

Totally passed me by - haven't a clue what you're on about, but I'm about to start searching...!

- and the only danger I'm in, in this area, is myself. Founder member of the Slips, Trips and Falls Brigade!!

(Yeah, ok, that's Geordie for Accident Waiting to Happen! :)

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Be glad he did!

by She Devil In reply to well, that one's missed m ...

It was good old George Dubya out for a bike ride at gleneagles, appanrently lost control and ran a copper over!

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by gadgetgirl In reply to Be glad he did!

that saved me trying to get on the overloaded Beeb site to see what he was going on about...!

Sorry it wasn't the other way around, and it wasn't a copper on a (motor) bike losing control and hitting Dubya...!!!

Sadly out of tune today - news feeds for all the usual sites are oversubscribed and struggling...I would have wondered what he was going on about half the nite if you hadn't told me!! :^O

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Just shows how much you Poms hate the US

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Thanks!

One of your Special Forces Body guards had to knock poor old GWB off his bike. He probably didn't like the tow rope attached to his bike so he had to peddle harder.

But you just have to love the media when the story started breaking over here there was talk of some electrical fault on the trains or Tube as they where calling it. Then the buss blew up and the reporters started looking worried.

Actually I thought that the Poms beating the Aussies at Cricket would have made you lot a lot happier even if we did transport Shane Warne over there.

Well I suppose that if the bombing gets any worse they could always use the devastated site for the Olympics come 2010. After it would save a fortune in Land Resumptions wouldn't it?

Col ]:)

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Col:we've still got some bits of the East End

by neilb@uk In reply to Thanks!

which are much as the Germans left them. We don't need any more bits blown up.

As for GWB, the story was just getting about when the bombing rather took the focus away.

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Well Neil from whats been shown here

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Thanks!

You got off lightly it should have been much worse. 6 bombs going off in 3 minutes on the Tube and only 33 confirmed dead and no real damage.

While terrible it could/should have been much worse if they had of timed it right or gone for a bigger impact. I think most of those who where killed where in a confined space and concussion got them if the initial blast didn't.

But I just loved the Media here reporting "Rumor" at the beginning as we've had it since 7.30 PM last night Live your time I supposes and the rubbish that they where coming out with just to fill the airwaves. The really scary one was a POM Juno who was trying to look like Magi Thatcher now she was scary I can understand why you are under that table if she is around.

Actually can I interest you in some Bomb Proof Glass? We have a guy here who sells the stuff and demonstrates it by standing behind it and getting someone to try to shoot him he's that confident about his product. They tested it out West at an old army place where they let off several tons of HE and he had the windows setup from 20 feet away to a couple of K away and wanted to see what damage was done to those closest to the blast to improve it. But they all failed as the frames that where concreted into the ground just blew over and the glass stayed intact. Would you be interested? Pity I don't get a commission for selling that stuff but if you are near big windows you need it.

Col ]:)

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Col: Never miss a chance to make a buck, mate!

by neilb@uk In reply to Thanks!

We have, thank's very much, a blastproof film applied to the glass inside and out. I can assure you that I wouldn't have had my nose pressed against the windows this arvo if that hadn't been the case!


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