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    Need help with building simple mobile app on

    by Olgierd Marciniszyn

    first of all, i would like say that I don’t have any experience with mobile app building and I don’t have a choice in using other builders other that so that’s what I have to work with. I’m building simple app that will help in office inventory process. My app currently has main page with a list of inventory id numbers and a page which is supposed to be details page.
    When I click on the id number, I need to be redirected to my details page where there’re informations such as Device name, employee name and price. I have all data in database and imported into my app.
    So the question is, how do I match my id with the details?

    Any help will be much appreciated and I will be more than happy to send more informations about my project/talk with somebody to instruct me 馃槈

    Cheers, Olgierd.

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      by kees_b

      In reply to Need help with building simple mobile app on

      I’d try their own forum: . That link has tutorials also. has documention.

      Ten years ago I did a project with another low code tool (Mendix). I started with a 3 day course paid for by my company. What beginners course did you follow?

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      In your case.

      by rproffitt

      In reply to Need help with building simple mobile app on

      I’d take more courses on how to use this system and check it’s support forums.

      My second big mobile app had me take a 3 month hiatus as I took time to learn the new system. This was after decades of writing code but this was a new system so I needed the time to do some deep learning of the new mobile development systems.

      If time is of the essence, consider outsourcing this app.

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        Reply To: Need help with building simple mobile app on

        by Olgierd Marciniszyn

        In reply to In your case.

        I am not following any courses, im doing this as a college project and so im trying to teach myself as much as i can. Those documentation docs aren’t that clear to be honest but it’s better than nothing and for sure I will try their forum, thank you for that 馃槈

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      Brief instructions for building a simple mobile app on

      by Tobias457

      In reply to Need help with building simple mobile app on

      Here are some brief and perfect instructions for building a simple mobile app on I hope this will help you to Get some valuable results

      Sign up and create a new project:

      Go to the website and sign up for a free account.
      Once signed in, create a new project by clicking on the “Create new app” button.
      Design the app UI:

      Drag and drop UI components from the palette onto the canvas to design your app’s screens.
      Customize the appearance of the components using the properties panel on the right.
      Use the navigation panel at the bottom to switch between screens and design each one accordingly.
      Add functionality to your app:

      Select a component on the canvas and assign an action to it using the events panel.
      Choose from a variety of actions like navigating to another screen, displaying a message, or making an API call.
      Configure the action properties based on your app’s requirements.
      Connect to data sources:

      To fetch data from external sources, such as a REST API, click on the “Database & Services” tab.
      Create a new service by providing the necessary information, such as the URL and parameters.
      Test the service to ensure it retrieves the expected data.
      Implement app logic:

      Utilize the visual scripting feature or write custom JavaScript code to implement app logic and handle user interactions.
      Use built-in functions and variables provided by to manipulate data, validate input, or perform calculations.
      Preview and test your app:

      Use the built-in preview feature to see how your app looks and behaves on different device sizes.
      Test your app’s functionality thoroughly to ensure it works as expected.
      Generate the app package:

      Once you are satisfied with your app, go to the “Export” tab.
      Select the platform you want to build the app for, such as iOS or Android.
      Follow the instructions to generate the app package, which you can then distribute through app stores or other channels.
      Publish and distribute your app:

      Register for developer accounts with the respective app stores (e.g., Apple App Store, Google Play Store) if you haven’t already.
      Follow the guidelines and requirements provided by the app stores to submit your app for review and publication.
      Once approved, your app will be available for download and use by users.
      Remember to consult the documentation and tutorials for detailed instructions on specific features or tasks. Good luck with building your mobile app!

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      Steps to follow to match the ID with the details in your app

      by Biz4SolutionsPvtLtd

      In reply to Need help with building simple mobile app on

      To match the ID with the details in your app, you can follow these steps using

      1. Retrieve the ID from the list item when it is clicked:
      In the “onClick” event handler for the inventory ID in your main page, add a JavaScript code action to retrieve the clicked ID. You can use the event.currentTarget property to access the clicked element and extract the ID value.

      2. Pass the ID to the details page:
      After retrieving the ID, you need to navigate to the details page and pass the ID as a parameter. In the JavaScript code action from the previous step, use the Apperyio.navigateTo function to navigate to the details page and pass the ID as a URL parameter.

      3. Retrieve the details using the passed ID:
      In the details page, you can use the Apperyio.get() function to retrieve the ID parameter from the URL. Use this ID to make a database query or fetch the necessary details from your database collection. Store the retrieved details in local variables or AngularJS scope variables to display them on the details page.

      4. Display the details on the details page:
      On the details page, you can bind the variables storing the details to the appropriate UI elements. For example, if you have a label or input field to display the device name, bind the corresponding variable to its value property using the AngularJS expression syntax.

      These steps should help you achieve the desired functionality in your app. If you have any specific questions or need further assistance, please feel free to provide more information about your project, and I’ll be happy to help you further.

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